Lion’s streak of daily orgasms ended at one. In his defense, we found an Indian restaurant that has unlimited food and we both ate more than we should have. Our tummies were full and protesting. Plus Lion’s shoulder is really hurting and there won’t be any relief for a few weeks while he waits for a specialist appointment. He was disappointed that he couldn’t continue the experiment. I’d rather have him feeling well than do any experiment.

So where do we go from here? I assume right back to the way it was before his kidney stones. There’s no reason we can’t go back to random wait times and nightly, or near nightly, edgings. The daily orgasm experiment wasn’t a crucial part of things. It was just something to try. It didn’t have to happen after a long wait. It could happen next week. It could happen tonight. It could happen in June. Whenever. Or never.

The important thing about enforced chastity is that we continue to communicate. It’s not long wait times or daily orgasms. His long wait was just a sort of a happy accident, although Lion certainly wasn’t happy about being in pain through much of it. Daily orgasms seemed like the exact opposite of a long wait, so we decided to give it a try. Life happened, as it often does. We wouldn’t have made it three-plus years of enforced chastity if we didn’t learn to roll with the punches.

I lied. There isn’t just one important thing about enforced chastity. The most important thing is that I’m doing it with my best friend. There’s no one I’d rather roll with the punches with than Lion. And I think that’s why we’ve lasted three-plus years. If we didn’t have a strong relationship to begin with, it probably would have ended as quickly as I assumed it would when we first started. Who knew it would have more benefits than just humoring a silly Lion?


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    The strength of your relationship is a key component in how your male chastity relationship works. It is the main reason why I enjoy your blog. I hope Lion is back to full health soon!

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    Thank you for your good wishes. I got blood work yesterday. The results indicate that I am back to normal.

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