Punishment Revelataions

training collar under lion's balls
Hair of the dog. Next time Lion forgets to wear this, when we get home he will get a few zaps to remind him to wear it next time.

Yesterday we went out to do some shopping. I think the entire population of every nearby town was on the road. We quickly decided the best idea was to wait until around dinnertime to shop. When we got to one store later, however, the shelves were bare in quite a few areas. No one was restocking. It seemed like very poor planning on their part. That’s the problem with stores cutting staff to maintain a healthy stock price. We decided to go over to the competition. They had similar sales, but the shelves were adequately stocked. I’m hoping we got everything we needed and we can stay huddled in the house until Tuesday when it’s time for work.

Because we shopped so late, we got home late. Lion was horny, but tired. Playtime didn’t go as well as expected. Earlier in the day, Lion said he had no say in when he gets an orgasm, but he remembers the old schedule had him coming on Christmas eve and Christmas day. He doesn’t like the arrangement of back to back orgasms. I was going to give him one last night, but Mr. Weenie wasn’t in sync with Lion’s mind. We decided that an earlier start to the festivities would help. Tonight we will certainly do that.

I’ve been thinking about Lion’s punishment spankings in relation to punishment spankings in other blogs. I’m not entirely sure I’m willing to make his more severe. I have no desire to reduce Lion to a blubbering mess. I swat until I think I’ve proven my point. That could be accomplished in five swats or twenty-five swats. It depends partly on Lion’s reaction and partly on the state of his buns. If I see bruising happening quickly, I first try to avoid that spot, and then if the bruising continues there or elsewhere I stop.

Naturally, it all depends on the paddle I’m using. Some will create bruising more quickly than others. Should I designate one paddle as the punishment paddle? I guess I could. But I like having a variety of paddles for both punishment and play spankings. Theoretically, I should be able to prove my point with any paddle.

As I write this, I’ve decided that Lion’s punishment for forgetting his training collar should be a zap or two with said training collar. A little hair of the dog that bit him, so to speak. It seems only fitting to me that he should be punished with the very thing he forgot to wear. After all, when I know it’s on, I give him little vibratory thank yous to let him know he’s a good boy. A few zaps after we get home would definitely let him know he wasn’t a good boy for forgetting. I bet that will help him remember.

Happy holidays!!!!

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    I hope his zapping go,s well. Have a merry Christmas

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