Where I See Us Now

We’re at a tricky point in our FLR/Domestic Discipline. Two weeks ago I was punished twice on successive days. Both punishments were severe spankings that left marks for days. I deserved punishment. That’s not the reason it’s a tricky time. Mrs. Lion’s decisions to punish me and then follow through with full, disciplinary spankings may have been uncomfortable for her.

Until then, my punishments were certainly painful, but stopped well short of the sort of spanking that would be a true deterrent to my errors. We both know that we had to evolve into the sort of power exchange we agreed to have. The catalyst for this latest change may have been discussing some reading I had been doing. I read some posts on spanking. One made an impression on me. It said that spanking is supposed to be as painful as possible. I know, you’re thinking, “Duh! What did he think it was about?” Ok, I knew it hurt. I’ve been spanked enough in the last year and a half. But I never considered that pain was the entire point.

I’m not sure what I thought it was. I’ve always been drawn to spanking. It’s a turn on to me. Mrs. Lion knew that and from the beginning when she punished me all thoughts of sex disappeared. But she held back. Neither of us have any history of being spanked. So we didn’t know how much was enough. I admit that given my inability to learn from them, the spankings I was getting from Mrs. Lion were not working the way they should.

After I read that pain is the point of spanking, I told Mrs. Lion. We discussed it a bit and she said she would fix that problem. She did. After that fateful weekend, I left on my business trip. I returned four days later with a bad cold. I was sick all the next week so there was no more talk of domestic discipline. In fact, Mrs. Lion suspended my rules while I was sick.

Over the months, we’ve received comments that it doesn’t seem fair that I get a disciplinary spanking for little things like spilling food on my shirt. I’ve replied that it may not be fair but it is necessary. The idea is that we both form habits that include punishment in our normal lives.  While every spanking hurts, the one’s I’ve gotten for spilling are short and not very painful. My bottom barely gets pink.

When I did something more serious and disrespectful like interrupting her, Mrs. Lion’s spankings were a little more severe. I kept suggesting that they needed to be a lot more intense to be effective. That drew comments about me being stupid to bring this down on myself.

From my perspective, I know that for FLR and domestic discipline to work for us, two things have to happen: First, Mrs. Lion has to observe offenses and punish me when she sees them. Second, the punishments have to be real and very painful. She can’t let me believe that what she is doing is happening because of my sexual fantasies about being spanked.

Over the last couple of months, Mrs. Lion has really improved in observing my behavior. More importantly, she is noticing when I make her angry. That is a brilliant step. Most recently, when she decides to punish me, her spankings are severe enough to send me a clear message. I appreciate these changes.

Here’s the point when you tell me I am crazy. I think the next step is to maintain or even increase the severity of punishments. They are having an effect on me. More importantly for me is that Mrs. Lion is consistent in observing infractions and punishing them. I think that when I truly feel that any slip on my part will draw a very painful spanking, then I will feel even closer and will work harder to be on my best behavior.

Make no mistake. I want her to do this. I’ve asked her to be my disciplining wife. I’m grateful she’s agreed to take that on.

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