Enforced chastity has drastically changed my life. I wear a Jail Bird chastity device almost constantly. The only exceptions are when I travel and an hour or two on nights that Mrs. Lion teases me. It took some time to get the device to fit right. One of the benefits of having a custom-made chastity device is being able to have the manufacturer fine tune the fit at a very reasonable cost. I had the cage shortened once to finally get a perfect fit. I tried different base ring sizes, but the original 1 3/4-inch diameter turned to be perfect.

Wearing the cage is sometimes frustrating and annoying. The most annoying times for me are when I have to pee. Yes, I can stand at a urinal. But before I can use it, I have to take out everything: penis and balls. There is no way to just unzip, take out my penis and pee. The device prevents that. Once out, I have to check to make sure the urethra is centered in the front opening. If it isn’t, I have to take a Q-tip from my pocket and push my penis into place. Only then can I pee. Once done, I have to use a tissue to catch drips and keep urine from collecting between the cage and my balls. At home, I sit to pee. Even after three years, I don’t like this one bit.

Enforced chastity has changed our marriage. There is no longer any question about who initiates sexual activity. Mrs. Lion holds the key to that. She decides what we will do sexually. Most of the time she unlocks me and edges me several times before relocking me into the device. I never know when I will get to ejaculate. Well, sometimes I read her post here and it tells me I will be lucky that night. Most of the time, I don’t have a clue.

I have come to love this uncertainty. I also love my dependence on Mrs. Lion for any sexual pleasure. I can’t even get hard inside the Jail Bird. You can see why in this NSFW image. There’s no room for the start of an erection. When I try to get hard, I end up with grill marks on the head of the penis.

The big change for both of us is that because I am completely dependent on Mrs. Lion, we both pay a great deal of attention to sex and physical intimacy. I can’t really explain it, but this sexual power exchange has brought us much closer together. We both think this change is permanent and doesn’t depend on me wearing the cage, but neither of us is willing to take that risk. So, the chastity device is a permanent part of my life.