Happy Spanksgiving!

I have to give Lion credit for the title. Last night we were heading out to dinner and, just beyond the driveway, I realized he might have forgotten his training collar. I told him I thought he was in trouble. He couldn’t imagine why. I pulled out my phone and tried to connect to the collar. No success, but I guess that depends on what you consider success; I had successfully caught him without the training collar. He wanted to go back for it but I was driving and I wasn’t turning around. He said he guessed today would be Spanksgiving, and a perfect title was born!

Once Lion makes a mistake, he seems to make another quickly thereafter. It’s weird because he once held a job that other people could not, simply because he could recover from making a mistake and move on. However, he may have lost his touch in that regard. At dinner, I buttered my bread and put it back on the plate. When I happened to look at Lion, he was busy munching on his bread. I alerted him and he swore he saw me eating. I showed him the intact piece of bread. Poor Lion. More swats.

Lion insists he thought about wearing the training collar all day, and then forgot it anyway. I have no reason to doubt him, but the fact remains, he did not wear the collar. I don’t know what to say about his eating before me. It was dark in the restaurant. Maybe he couldn’t see. No excuses. A rule is a rule. And it just so happens he broke them the day before punishment day. What luck! Not such good luck for him.

Like many Americans, we’ll be doing a lot of cooking today. Some have been cooking since the wee hours of the morning. We like our dinner around 6 or 7 so we’ve got plenty of time to start. The real problem comes when we’re both trying to be in the kitchen at the same time. It’s not a big kitchen and we both tend to want to be in the same exact spot at the same exact time. Needless to say, it can get annoying. Lion will be doing most of the cooking, but he’s been deferring to my needs lately. I wonder if he’ll stop what he’s doing so I can do what I need to do. I’d rather he didn’t. I don’t think my dishes are all that time sensitive. His are. I can wait for him to be done with something before I start. So, just for the part of the day involving cooking, he can take the lead. I also know he tends to be a messy chef. As long as he cleans up after himself, and he usually does, there will be no punishment for spilling food on himself or anywhere else during cooking. Eating is another matter. The rule hasn’t changed there.

Later, after we’ve rolled ourselves into the bedroom to digest, Lion will get his punishment. I think I have the perfect paddle all picked out.

I’d like to join Lion in wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving!!! Or Spanksgiving if you’re poor Lion.

[Lion — I can’t take credit for inventing “Spanksgiving”. The Stockroom, a great source of BDSM toys, created it.]