Lion likes to track his stats. As of last night, he’s averaging a six day wait and has had 52 orgasms this year. I don’t think he likes those numbers very much. When I gave him his orgasm last night with the Magic Wand, he asked why he’s getting so many orgasms lately. Ironically, the device that got us back together sexually, would seem to dictate that he get fewer orgasms. However, Lion is forgetting one little point: I am in charge.

The past few times I’ve given him orgasms, he’s immediately questioned why he’s getting so many. There’s a good answer for that. I want to give them to him. Some look on his face, or the urgency with which he’s bucking, or the lighting in the room, or the alignment of planets, makes me want to give him an orgasm. There’s no real reason. I just want to. And the best part about being in charge is that I can give him an orgasm whenever I damn well please.

Now some keyholders love to make their caged male wait a long time. Some males like to wait a long time. It works out well if both parties agree on how long a wait should be. Lion and I have never been about the long wait. His longest is 21 days. That seems excessive to me. We spent so much time not having sex, it seems a waste to make him wait very long. I can agree that a two or three day wait is pretty short. I should make him wait a little longer. But how long?

We’ve been back and forth about the length of time to wait. Lion says his optimum time is about four days. By then I guess he’s all recharged and ready to roll. I know a one day wait is fairly unreasonable. Lion can still do it, but it’s not easy. I think, since I stopped worrying about scheduled orgasm dates, I’ve been more liberal. I’m pretty sure if I looked at my calendar, Lion was not scheduled for all those orgasms. I tend to spread them out a bit more. On the calendar I generally try for a nine day wait, give or take. I know he has a scheduled Christmas eve and Christmas day orgasm, as well as New Year’s eve and day. That may or may not work out.

I teased Lion this morning that I’d have to refrain from any more orgasms this year if he wanted to keep his average low. Of course, he wasn’t saying he wanted a low average. He was just telling me what the numbers were. I know  he knows better than to look a gift orgasm in the … mouth.

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    You know, you could really have fun and give him some forced multiples. He will. He will not be complaining about too many orgasms after that!

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