Lion has been doing his best not to get in trouble. He’s even been asking for permission to do things and asking me if he did a good job on chores. It seems strange so far. We never really discussed his having to ask permission. We don’t have any rewards in place for good behavior.

Several months ago I made up “Good Lion” and “Bad Lion” coupons. He’s never used any of the rewards I gave him. He says it feels like cheating. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to react when he does a good job, other than to tell him he’s a good boy. I’ve always tried to remember to thank him for doing something for me or at least tell him it looks nice. If I were to suddenly tell him he earned fewer punishment swats because he folded laundry, would he think that was cheating like the coupons? Besides, I don’t have a set number of swats for any given offense.

I’m also unsure of how the new punishment technique will work. Since I never have an exact number in mind, going slower doesn’t seem like it would make any difference. Sometimes I just swat until I think he can’t take any more swats. I’ve proved my point, move on. If I’m stopping every few swats to let him get used to the feeling, we could be up to 20 swats when we might have only gotten to 10 the old way.

I guess we’ll give it a shot and see how it goes. I just want Lion to get what he wants.


  1. Author

    Maybe if he earns enough “good coupons” he gets a pass on a particular offense (i.e. no swats).

    1. Author

      I suggested the same thing to Mrs. Lion. Her response: “I’ll think about it.”

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