It’s Me

Lion has been wild for a few days. He has a doctor’s appointment on Monday and we didn’t want any evidence of the cage showing. He tends to get a reddish mark from the base ring that may not hurt, but it is visible. He will be locked up on Monday night. In the meantime, I have a very horny boy who only has his own willpower (and the fear of my paddle) to keep his hands to himself.

After he told me I should be careful edging him because he was very horny, I set about to torture him orally. In the past it hasn’t gone very well. I’ve recently learned how to control my lips, tongue, and, more importantly, myself. I can edge him orally with no trouble now. Except, Lion says, that I don’t go quite far enough for his liking. He was so frustrated he was dripping pre-cum. For the next few hours he’d randomly tell me how horny he was. Then we went to sleep.

Almost immediately, Lion was asking if I was asleep yet. Did I want to watch TV? It was late but I wasn’t really tired. We’d slept late and it threw off the whole day. So he turned the TV back on. He also shifted around and told me there was plenty of room to snuggle. And, he hoped, other activities. At first I just snuggled. I let my hand wander down to his happy zone but didn’t go all the way. He said he was horny. Really? I had no idea. I asked if he thought he should be allowed to come. Of course he did. I said it would ruin my plan of making him wait. Oh well. I let him think he had a chance at coming while I edged him again.

It was after midnight so I asked if this counted as Sunday’s edging. It probably doesn’t, but I wanted to hear what he thought. At that point he didn’t care. He was off in never, never land with visions of orgasms dancing in his head. Each time I edged him he was positive I would keep going. I even debated with myself whether I should. I had almost decided I would give him an orgasm, when I realized he didn’t seem as horny then as he had earlier in the night. Even though he was bucking more the second time, it didn’t seem as urgent. He was annoyed once when I gave him an orgasm when he wasn’t horny enough. By rights I should make him wait at least until he’s horny enough.

Who’s to say how long it will be until he’s horny enough? Oh, I know. It’s me!