Postcards From Afar

I’m worn out; sexually, that is. Two orgasms in two days has certainly taken the lead out of my pencil. Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ve always wanted to find a place to write that cliché.  Have no fear, my batteries will recharge long before Mrs. Lion will be inclined to get me off. We got a somewhat snarky comment asking if I ever come inside Mrs. Lion. The implication is that she is being sexually short changed. I sometimes feel that way too.

Mrs. Lion’s libido has been the subject many posts. For some years it has been in hiding. Recently, apparently when I am out of town on business or absent from the house, she experiences brief flashes of sexual interest. She’s had a few of these “hot flashes” when with me as well. Mostly, I am away when they occur.

I don’t think this is a signal that being with me is a giant turnoff. Well, part of me thinks it is. Regardless, the fact is that it’s ok with me if her libido is on vacation. I guess those little flashes are like sending postcards from wherever it’s hiding. I wish it would take the time to write a nice, long letter; long enough for me to have a chance to sexually please her.

This situation predates our enforced chastity and female led relationship (FLR). Before I was caged, the lack of sex was the elephant in the room. We were both very unhappy about the situation and reacted in a destructive way. I kept distance and masturbated when very horny. Mrs. Lion was quietly angry at me because I wasn’t initiating sex. I know, this is irrational. We could have cured the tension with a few simple conversations. But we didn’t.

But when we started our power exchange, we had to communicate. Our sex life became a topic of conversation in the bedroom and here, in our blog. We had rules for the sexual game. We communicated and got closer every day. Mrs. Lion’s libido still isn’t back three years after we began, but it no longer creates an emotional wall between us. We are snuggling, hugging, and physically close once again. That’s no small achievement. When the next postcard comes, maybe we will  have time to look at the postmark and take a trip ourselves to try to track it down.