Some Rest for the Weenie

We didn’t play last night. Lion wasn’t really horny after orgasms two nights in a row. He also has a sore spot in Mr. Weenie. It looks like a rash of some sort. Lion is prone to allergic reactions. I’m fairly sure it has nothing to do with my playfully chomping on him. The sore is right near where the cage touches so he needs to be wild while it heals. I think he might be looking for reasons to be wild now. I’m keeping an eye on him.

When I got home from work last night, Lion’s undies were on the chair where they are supposed to be. He was dutifully answering questions my daughter sent for a psychology class project. I expected him to give me some grief about the questions, but he didn’t. He did say they were some weird questions in there, but he answered them. I wonder if he was doing it because she asked or because I asked. He could easily have dismissed it as BS, but there he was, typing away. I’ll have to ask if he did it because of the female led relationship.

Depending on how long Mr. Weenie is out of commission, things could get very boring in the Lion’s den. I know I can still shove something up his butt or make him wear diapers, but I mean in the actual sex/edging department. I haven’t shoved anything up his butt in a long time. I always start out thinking we’ll finally get to fisting this time around. I’ll keep up with it. I promise. And then it falls off and we never make it to fisting. I’m not even sure I’d consider that a goal anymore. I think I just want to get him used to having things up his butt again. Eventually we could use the fucking machine. Being able to get my hand in there was probably always an unattainable goal anyway. I guess we can make it if we try hard enough, but I don’t really see a point. I just want him to be able to take the larger nJoy butt plug and handle the movement of the fucking machine. Are we going to do that tonight? I have no idea.

I think Lion and I might just snuggle tonight. I have to get an oil change on the way home so I’ll be getting home late. I’m already falling asleep at work. Boring webinars will do that to a person. I’m just not sure how much I’ll feel like doing when I get home. And Lion is the one with the sore weenie. He might not want any attention at all. This is one of the reasons I don’t make plans. Things change. We wind up not doing whatever I planned or we do something completely different. I think it’s better just to play things by ear, especially when there’s an illness or a sore weenie.