Messing With the Stats

Lion had his scheduled orgasm on October 9th. He was away for a week and wasn’t horny while he was gone. I don’t remember if it was Friday night when he said he was horny again or if it was Saturday morning. At any rate, he was looking for love.

On Sunday, we did our numb butt experiment and Lion was in diapers. He was still horny, of course. For whatever reason, diapers do that to him. Humiliation? The diapers represent a form of restraint? I’m not sure. I don’t know if Lion knows. When Lion cleaned himself off and I edged him a few times, I gave him another orgasm. Why not? He gave me a nice taste of pre-cum and I wanted more. I love Lion’s creme filling.

Last night was punishment night. He said he was horny again. I must be doing something right if he’s horny the day after an orgasm. Does he really like punishment swats? I don’t think so. He did his mini grumbling buh, buh, buh about having a sore butt. I always tell him I’m glad it’s sore. It should be after a punishment. I was careful to avoid his dots on the one butt cheek and the other mark I left on him on the other butt cheek. I don’t want to do permanent damage to one of my favorite Lion parts. Still, I was able to get my point across. He needs to be more careful about eating before I do and for interrupting.

I edged him a bunch of times. I hadn’t decided how many more times I’d edge him, but then I decided I’d see if I could get him to buck into me. I picked a speed that I thought would encourage him. Sure enough, he started. It didn’t take long before he got close. Just to be clear, he was bucking, but I was also moving. It wasn’t all that easy to match him with both of us moving. I don’t think we’ve ever done it successfully before. I’m a big fan of experiments. You never know if something will work until you try. Since we were so good at it I let him come again. He had made a comment before we started that he wanted to come, but was sure he wouldn’t be allowed to. I didn’t set out to make him come. I just figured we were working so well together, it made sense. I like it when he bucks into me. That’s not to say that he’ll get to come every time he starts bucking. Nope. I can’t make it that easy for him.

Lion started out with a fairly long wait this time. He’s already gotten two bonus orgasms. He’s very lucky I like making him come almost as much as he likes coming.

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    Mrs. Lion. Does Mr. Lion ever cum inside of you? It seems he the one getting all the pleasure whenever he cums.

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