My Boyfriend’s Home

Of course Lion’s flight was delayed. We think it’s cursed given what happened last trip. But he’s home and that’s all that matters. Now I have to figure out what to do with him.

This morning we went on a quest to lay in a supply of water. I remembered we should fill up the tub, but I never thought about drinking water. I thought the stores would be mobbed, but I guess people got their supplies when the first storm to end all storms went through on Thursday. That one was mostly rain. This one is mostly wind. And wind means potential loss of power. One year we were without power for seven days after a storm. We’re ready for that kind of storm.

On the plus side, my over the door toy holder arrived while we were water shopping. I gathered all the paddles from the entertainment center and found new homes for them. When I’m done with this post I’ll find a new home for the clothespins and other assorted torture devices. They will be conveniently located behind the bedroom door for Lion’s entertainment.

Just before I went to do my post, he asked if I’d decided not to do diapers today. I told him the day is young. Then I said if we lose power, and subsequently water since we have a well, he may need to be in diapers anyway. I hadn’t thought of that till just then. How convenient that he has diapers to wear when we may not have water to flush the toilet. Now I’m sort of rooting for the power to go out.

Lion received quite a few packages when he was gone. One had his new shock collar. I know he’s writing a post about it, but I’ll just say that I’ll be able to zap him from my phone or iPad. [Lion — My post for tomorrow has a lot more about this new toy] Did he just interrupt me? Zot! Does he think I’m spending too much time on my iPad? Zap! I won’t even have to look for the remote. It’s already either in my hand or quite near. Unfortunately it only works from about 75 feet away. I can’t zap him at work. Too bad. That could be very interesting. Having his boss wonder why he just shot through the ceiling would be amusing.


  1. Author

    Are you actually getting a storm? Yesterday was a bit blowy at our place, but we never lost power. And today, the “worst storm in decades” is just a little breezy. The sun was even out for a couple hours.

    Weathermen have a pretty easy time of it. In what other profession can you be wrong 75% of the time and still keep your job?

    1. Author

      As of 5pm, there is no more rain and the wind is calm. The hour-by-hour forecast doesn’t show us getting wind over 25 mph. That’s high for this location, but not exactly damaging winds. If things get bad, we’re ready. Meanwhile we are home together and loving it.

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