Permanent Orgasm Control

My latest trip had me out of the chastity device for about a week. Now that I am home I am safely locked away. The thing is that during the entire time I was wild and away from home, I had absolutely no interest in sexual touching or masturbating. Mrs. Lion commented that I really don’t need the cage to abstain. She’s right. Nearly three years locked in a chastity device has conditioned me to leave all sexual stimulation to my lioness.

The thing about conditioning is that it’s involuntary. I didn’t decide I wouldn’t want to get aroused. I just don’t. Surrendering my sexuality to Mrs. Lion was a decision. Now, three years later, it’s just the way I am. I can’t help it. I wonder if over time, if I am wild and not encouraged to keep my hands to myself, if the conditioning will wear off and I will be able to self-stimulate and even come. I suspect that would happen with some effort after a while. Of course, it won’t. It;s her penis now and all I do is wear it.

I’m famous for jumping into things with all four paws. Enforced chastity was no exception. Truth be told, I never imagined that I would actually lose my ability to get myself hard. That was inconceivable to me. Now that it happened, I am not exactly delighted.

Our enforced chastity and female led relationship are both consensual. We’ve agreed to the power exchange. So it isn’t a problem that my ability to play with myself is gone. But, it feels odd to me because sexual control no longer has to be consensual. I can demand to stop wearing a chastity device and subjecting myself to orgasm control. If Mrs. Lion agreed to this demand (very unlikely), I would still be unable to masturbate. I just can’t.

The chastity device makes sexual activity impossible while I wear it. But when it’s off, then so is its control. Ha! No matter how I feel about it, she holds the reins. Now that’s control. It doesn’t mean that I don’t get erections. I do. Most often they are of the early morning wood variety. Now and then when I read or write something that excites me, I will get a spontaneous erection. But it doesn’t encourage me to help it along. It’s just like the early morning wood.

Even though the device isn’t necessary for sexual control, I think we both need it anyway. My sense is that the more time I am locked up, the better our physical and sexual relationship becomes. That’s one reason I am trying to get a properly fitting no-metallic cage. Mrs. Lion may never send me on a business trip wearing it, but it’s an option. The cage has moved from actual control to an exciting symbol of her control.

Recently, she has been locking me up immediately after she is done edging me or giving me an orgasm. I like that. It puts my orgasm denial in a context that feels better to me than my unconscious conditioning.


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    Personally I find it incredibly hot when after teasing and sex I am told to recage! It isn’t always immediately possible but it is always hot.

    1. Author

      I completely agree! It makes chastity seem more like a lifestyle than simply a game played to get off.

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