Sometimes our posts become a kind of conversation. We could simply talk instead of write, but somehow committing things to writing allows for more thoughtful dialogue. I proposed (“Disciplinary Training Wheels “) that Mrs. Lion use the training collar to zap me when I annoy her. She responded (“To Zap Or Not To Zap“) with a very sensible set of reasons why such a simplistic approach isn’t practical. She said that it comes down to fairness.

Her main objection was that if something external was getting on her nerves and I say that I’m hungry, that would annoy her. Other times, she was OK with me letting her know. What should she do? There are more subtle situations that create similar doubts. The big problem is that she will always try to be “fair.” I appreciate that. I also have to recognize that it might make her feel bad if she punishes me for something that isn’t my fault.

This may be the central issue why disciplinary wives have problems punishing their husbands for upsetting them. None of them, Mrs. Lion included, have a second thought about spanking for breaking a rule, no matter how trivial. There may be a way to translate this binary thinking into a useful way to punish for subject offenses. When Mrs.Lion gets annoyed with me, perhaps she should ask herself if she wants to extinguish the behavior I displayed.

When she was irritated at work, and I said that I was hungry, does she want me to stop telling her? If she does, a zap and spanking are in order. If she is OK with me telling her, but just then was a bad time, she might not discipline me. On the other hand, if I tell her that I’m hungry at 11 AM and then tell he again at 11:30, she might want to zap and spank because I was nagging her. Her training goal was to teach me that I shouldn’t tell her more than once. That seems fair to me.

It takes a little extra time and thought to analyze the situation each time I annoy her. It won’t take long for her to react almost instinctively to these situations. Since a zap isn’t a particularly harsh response, she can always change her mind and tell me that it wasn’t my fault. If it was my fault, a spanking will follow later.

This won’t be easy at first. Catching me breaking rules wasn’t either. It didn’t take long for Mrs. Lion to build the habit of looking for my offenses. This new process shouldn’t take long to learn, either. I think it’s important to follow valid zaps with a spanking. It will build the habit of spanking me for upsetting her.

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