Our first storm was sort of a bust. In some areas the wind was stronger, but at our house we only got rain. Lots of it at times. Not that I’m complaining, of course. I know the stronger, windier storm is coming on Saturday. I’m hoping the weather is nice enough for Lion to get home tonight. Then it can do whatever it wants.

I ordered my over the door shoe organizer to see if my idea of arranging toys will work. I’m uncertain how much weight it can hold or even how much the toys weigh. I guess we’ll find out when the package blows into town on Saturday. I’m also trying to decide exactly what to do with Lion while we’re holed up in the house Saturday. I had a bunch of ideas yesterday, but which one should I choose. Of course, I’m not limited to just one. There’s no reason he can’t be in diapers and have a numb butt. Or any other combination of activities. Poor Lion. He’s very excited at the prospect of playing in any capacity.

Lion has noticed he isn’t horny when we’re apart. He thinks it’s because I’m not around to get his juices flowing. I’ve noticed something too. I don’t know that I’d really call it horny, but I’ve had some stirrings since he’s been gone. I know the few times I would identify myself as being horny, I was not with Lion, but I was thinking about him. Now why would I be horny when I’m away from Lion and thinking about him specifically, but not when I’m actually with him? It doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t really want to read too much into it. I’m just happy that the feelings still show up from time to time. Maybe I’ll let Lion do something about them. We’ll see how it goes.