Weekend Storm

Last night I came home and got ready for a few storms that are rolling through the area. The first one is a lot of rain with some wind. I’m hoping tomorrow it will be calm long enough for Lion’s plane to get in. Then Saturday the second storm will be lots of wind with some rain. I think we have enough supplies if the power goes out. Gas for the generator, propane for the portable heater, wood/pressed logs for the fireplace, food in the freezer and pantry. We don’t really go overboard except on gas for the generator. Lion likes to have his tv powered.

I don’t know about Lion, but I’m planning on staying in on Saturday even if the storm fizzles out. I like the idea of snuggling in bed with him while it rains outside. He’s only been gone for a few days, but I really miss him. I need some snuggle time. He told me last night that he hasn’t been horny even though it’s been a few days since his last orgasm. He thinks it’s because I turn him on and I’m not there. That’s probably true, but I think he’s also busy at work and tired from the time difference.

If all goes according to plan, Lion should be arriving by 11 pm Friday. We should be home by about 11:30 or midnight. I don’t think I want to lock him up right away. He’ll need time to unpack and get himself situated. Being wild until morning won’t hurt anything. Who knows? He may even have diapers in his future. You know, he might wake up and instead of going back in the cage, he might be heading for a wet day both inside the house and out. He could be watching the rain puddle outside while he puddles inside. Just sayin’. You never know.

Or he may have another round of numb butt syndrome. The possibilities are almost endless. Sling time is another idea. So many ideas. And if we’re trapped inside by a storm, we might as well make good use of the time. Maybe absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I just know I’ll feel a lot better when he’s home.