How Secure Should A Chastity Device Be

Like a lot of bloggers, I’m an avid reader of what other people say about topics that interest me. A few years ago, the conversation about chastity devices always began with security. The most important aspect was wearing an escape proof device. This is a physical oxymoron. The person who wants to be locked up is worried about whether or not he can escape. It’s like going to a luxury hotel with the woman of your dreams and then making sure you can’t leave the room where you both are staying.

Being forced to do what you want is typical of BDSM scenarios. All the activity is consensual. But the bottom wants to be sure he can’t escape. There is some logic behind bondage in consensual scenes. While the action is going on, which is likely to be as my dentist says, uncomfortable, the bottom may want to resist. The bondage provides the fun of resistance. Of course, the bottom can stop the action at any time with a safeword, so the restraint is more mental than real.

The same is true of enforced chastity. The restraint is real. Escaping undetected is difficult, but it isn’t all that important how difficult that escape can be. Chastity devices are like passwords; the more secure the more difficult to remember. In the case of chastity devices, the more difficult to escape, the more uncomfortable to wear.

Fortunately, the obsessive quest to wear an escape proof device has moved from the forefront of chastity technology. That’s not to say chastity devices should be easy to escape. Oh no, not at all. It should be difficult and possibly painful to get out of one; but not impossible. First of all, any device secured by a base ring around the cock and balls can be escaped no matter how tight the base ring. Securing the head of the penis via a piercing complicates escape, but doesn’t prevent it. The device may end up hanging from the piercing, but the penis can be freed.

Who cares? If you want out that badly, use your safeword, or the emergency key you should be carrying. Jail break activities simply aren’t necessary. In my opinion, a device should be secure enough that it won’t fall off on its own (duh!) and should be difficult enough to escape to convince me I am locked in effective, sex-preventing bondage. In my case that means I would have to be desperate to endure the discomfort and frustration of attempting escape.

In my experience, the biggest mistake guys make when measuring for a device is to follow the rule of thumb that states that a base ring fits properly if you can insert your second finger up to the first knuckle between the ring and your body; but no more.

There’s a good chance a ring that tight will not be completely comfortable. I’ve written about my experiment before. My base ring is 1 3/4-inches in diameter. I can get two fingers up to the first knuckle between the ring and my body at the top of the penis. So, I had a 1 5/8-inch ring made. After a day of wear, it irritated me and left a red ring. However, only one finger could fit to tthe first knuckle. Next, I had a 1 11/16-inch ring made. It was less irritating but still hurt after a day or so.

In my case, how many fingers fit under the ring is very little help. In my opinion, the correct base ring size is the one that will prevent a ball from “squirting out” on its own and doesn’t cause any irritation. You shouldn’t need any lubricants under the ring to be comfortable. I’ve never attempted escape, but I am very sure that while possible, it would be too difficult for me to bother attempting.

The cage should fit well. As long as there aren’t any openings that facilitate masturbation, design and dimensions have little to do with security. The cage design and its fit matters in terms of being able to pee without filling the cage with urine and with ease of keeping it clean and odor free. The cage should never smell if you bathe regularly.

Most popular chastity device designs are reasonably secure. Many are very difficult to keep clean. Choose wisely.


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    “Securing the head of the penis via a piercing complicates escape, but doesn’t prevent it. The device may end up hanging from the piercing, but the penis can be freed.”

    Hmmm – I’m having great difficulty visualizing how this would be possible. The Lori device I wear is secured by a PA piercing, and the pin ends after passing through a small hole. I can’t see any topological way, regardless of how soft and flexible my penis was, that this could be escaped. (There’s a picture at )

    1. Author

      It may be that piercing should makea device onescapable. That isn’t the focus of the post. My point is that inescabability shouldn’t be a consideration for consensual enforced chastity. The key word is consensual.

      1. Author

        Of course you’re correct! However, I must admit that the inescapable feeling of the device does contribute a lot to the thrill it gives me to be locked into it. I could never achieve the same thrill from, for example, the CB-x000 devices, knowing that just a soapy shower would be enough to slip out.

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    While I agree that mentally it really helps to know that the device is very secure, when push comes to shove and you hit the rough spot where you think you can’t take another minute without orgasm then only thing that helps is someone other than you that tells you “no”. How that is achieved, by talking you through it, distracting you, convincing you or threatening you with consequences or telling you how disappointed he or she would be doesn’t really matter. At my worst I actually threatened to break my cage open, I was beyond the point where threats worked as I was so unbelievably horny, my key holder just made me pack my things and we went on a 2 day road trip where we were busy nonstop. Not sure what would have happened if it wasn’t a weekend, but the thing always is, there will be moments of weakness that can ruin weeks, maybe even months of chastity. One minute access to the penis and all that time is just washed away. With no one to control you and help you achieving your chastity goals a completely secure cage may be all you have. But as Lion says, nothing is completely secure, it may take time and a lot of effort, maybe hurt but at the end of it you will gain access. Maybe fumbling around the cage for a while will help you make you come to your senses. Me personally, when I started to be held in chastity, I wouldn’t have made it a day without masturbating. I needed the control, I needed a good amount of force and I needed consequences that loomed if I try to break chastity. Maybe even more important than how secure the cages I had was that I never was able to make myself orgasm in them, and boy did I try at times. Rubbing against the bed sheets hoping it would be enough to get me off but it never worked. It annoys me seeing all those videos posted on porn sites where people cum in cages, so what you had an uncomfortable orgasm. Still is an orgasm and the cage achieved nothing for you. Anyway, being kept chaste is tough sometimes, but you don’t need to orgasm then, you want to and that is the difference, but on the other hand you don’t need to be kept chaste, you want to too. In my case I had good reasons why I wanted to lose access to my penis and I needed someone to help me by controlling it, saying no to my short term wants for the good of my long term needs. But to be fair, I tested some cheap shit at the start 3 years ago, setteld for a CB6000s for a while that is after all a mid price device, ended up choosing the Jail Bird because it looked best and easy to clean and even after 2 1/2 years and adjusting sizes to me this is a perfect device as it is comfortable but still very secure for guys like me that are very small limp. Also, you need to go tailor made when you want a proper fit, you can’t get a 1 5/8 inch length cage anywhere else! Cages too small don’t work, cages too big will not suppress your erections efficiently and when it feels lose, you don’t feel secured. The jail bird seemed one of the best options if you wanted security without a piercing.

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