Measuring Up: A Hard Look At A Soft Penis

For most guys, penis size generally refers to their erection. In everyday life, there is very little need to know flaccid measurements. Well, there is no real need to know erect size either, but we guys like to contemplate that. When it comes to enforced chastity, flaccid size is critical. We have an entire information page on flaccid penis measuring (Getting A Good Fit). Most of us who are locked full time, have custom made devices that are hand made to our exact penis measurements.

Mrs. Lion wrote about my interest in a new chastity device and wondered why I wanted one. Partly, I wanted to give her a chance to select one based on what she finds visually appealing. I also wanted to look for a non-metal device that could go through airport security without setting off alarms. I also wanted to see if an off-the-shelf model would work for me.

We both Googled the subject. There were a few possibilities. One was the Holy Trainer. This device is generally liked. It is plastic (some material the makers claim is bio-sourced) and should be airport security safe. It comes in two sizes: regular and small. Other devices are also made in up to three sizes. I started comparing the specs to see if any would fit me.

I realized that there is no real standard for flaccid penis size. The people who make these devices have no real basis for sizing. They try to find the size(s) that will fit most guys. Since no one publishes sales figures, much less sales by size, they only have their own sales to indicate if they are even close.

They’re not alone. I have no clue what constitutes small, average, or large for soft cocks. I know there is a lot of variation. If there were a scale to size things to be worn on flaccid cocks, buying chastity devices would be much easier. It’s like bra sizes for women. There are multiple dimensions to consider when specifying. penis size.

The most obvious one is length. This would be calculated at the shortest length of the resting penis. Our cocks, even when soft, vary in length. Based on what I have learned, a chastity device should fit like a glove. The head of the penis should always be in contact with the front of the device. Ok, we know that we can compress a soft penis with no discomfort or problem. So our length component can probably be in 1/4-inch increments (6.5 mm). If we start our sizing at 1-inch (Don’t laugh. I’m 1 3/4 inches), then size 0 would be 1-inch, size 1- 1 1/4, etc. I’m a size 3.

The second component is flaccid diameter. Let’s measure at the base (the widest part). This dimension is also fairly forgiving. If a penis goes into a cage that is too narrow, skin tends to poke out wherever it can, but there is no discomfort or damage. If it’s too wide, the penis “swims” around and gets too much of a head start on an erection. That can cause discomfort.

So, width can probably be in 1/2-inch increments. Let’s give that letters: A is 1″, B is 1 1/2″, etc. My custom cage is 1 1/4″ in diameter. My measured width is about 1 1/2″. So, I could wear a size B. A size A would cause skin to bulge out. I know, because I have tested it. If we could get some sort of data on what size a lot of guys are, manufacturers of devices could size them appropriately.

Now that we have a sizing system, let’s take a look at how I fit into a couple of devices. Ok, first thing the CB6000S is 2 1/2″ long. On our scale the ideal length for that cage would be size 6. I’m a size 3; not looking good so far. There would be a gap of at least 1/2″ between the end of the cage and the tip of my penis. The inner diameter of the CB6000 is 1 3/8″. That’s close to B width. So, in our sizing system, the CB6000S will fit size 6-8 B. Easy peasy.

Let’s move on. The Holy Trainer Small is almost 2-inches inside the cage. If you add the thickness of the base ring and the gap between the cage and base ring, it’s about 2 1/2″ or a size 6, exactly the same as the CB6000S (we know they copied the measurements). The diameter is is 1.33 inches or a B. So, just the same as the CB6000, it fits cocks sized 6-8 B.

I am clearly too small for either of them. I need a size 2-3 B. There are some devices that are in that length range, but all of them are A’s (1-inch diameter); too small for me.

My limited (so far) research indicates that the CBx (2000,3000,6000), which was the first off-the-shelf male chastity device, sets the standard for the others who make male chastity devices. It makes sense. There are no standards for penis size. The CB-x folks created the market. So, the most likely path to good sales is to go after their market.

Plastic devices, in particular, used to be extremely expensive to set up for manufacture. An injection mold can run to $25,000 dollars or more. Risking that kind of money on a device the wrong size for most guys would be folly. However, now there are much cheaper ways to do this. For example a 3-d printer (less than $2000 at a warehouse store) can print any size cage/device. The software is cheap or free. Size can be changed with the click of the mouse. The printed device can be used to cheaply make a silicone mold. Liquid nylon or other plastic can be poured into the mold and the device can be cured in your kitchen oven at less than 400 degrees in an hour or two. That’s it.

If there is enough interest in enforced chastity to make this worthwhile, we will find these devices available at the same price or less as the CBx or Holy Trainer. I’m investigating one such source now. I’ll keep you posted and write a review if it all works out. No, I have no plans to manufacture or sell devices. I’m a consumer.

If you are so inclined, measure your soft (really soft) penis and calculate your size. Measure the length from your abdomen (top) of your penis to the tip. Measure the width at the base. Tell us your size in a comment. Maybe we can start understanding a bit more about how we are built.



  1. Author

    I have a CB 6000s. I have had it for a number of years. I agree with you that it can be too short for common penises. For me it is too short. I plan to 3-D scan it, digitally shorten it and have it 3-D printed at my local community college. (Very inexpensive). I did the same process for my “Balls Protector”. First I put on the CB, then took some quick setting silicon rubber and molded my sack. Next I had a CT scan done of the mold. I digitally extracted the scan and after a bit of modification, had a perfect 3-D model of my sack with the CB device. I had several variations made until I found the perfect fit. It’s very comfortable and I can wear it all day long and into the night. Of course the question is, will it affect you hormone production? Maybe, but I am no longer producing any great quantities of sperm/semen, plus my GF is way too far to become pregnant, so I really don’t care.

  2. Author

    Found my measurements that I sent to MM when I ordered my Jail Bird. Length 3.5 inches. Diameter at base 1.5 inches. Love my Jail Bird as I find it very comfortable and unlikely to come off easily (if at all). My penis tip is usually in contact with the end though sometimes the base ring will slide a little down my scrotum and that allows a little room at the tip. I don’t want to calculate size based on your method–I’m a lazy guy…lol

    1. Author

      In terms of measuring effort, since my cage is on me over 95% of the time, it needs to be comfortable and easy to keep clean. I too wear a Jail Bird. I would suggest that a shorter cage will improve your already-good experience. Peeing is so much easier when the urethra is poking nicely through the center opening. My base ring stays in place. I’ve never needed to slide it back. You may want to consider shortening the cage. I had mine shortened from the original. We measured the gap in the cage when my penis no longer touched. In my case the gap was 1/2″. So, I had the cage shortened 3/4″. It’s perfect now. It isn’t that expensive for base ring and cage length adjustments from Mature Metal. Since I went about a year with my cage a bit too long, like yours, I can say that the smaller cage is even more comfortable. Best of all, using a urinal is almost never an issue.

      1. Author

        My penis is almost always in contact with the end of the cage. In fact it might be in contact all the time–I’ve been watching to see if it loses contact since your post. Haven’t noticed it at any time. The base ring could be smaller, but when I try the next size down in the sizing rings, I get uncomfortable after a few hours. This makes me dubious about trying that smaller size. The ring I do have will move a bit when I’m warm and I’m in lose underwear–for the rest of the time, it stays put. It also serves as a great cock ring currently. I think the smaller ring might be too small to do that double duty. At times though the urethra is off centre and the cage bars are resting on it. Thus when I pee, they might cause spray. I can manipulate my penis so that it is free of the bars, but that is noticeable and takes time. Therefore it is much easier to just sit down.

        1. Author

          I sit when at home. But when at work or out and about, I prefer the urinal. I carry a Q-tip in my pocket to adjust things when my urethra bites the bars of the cage. I also carry a tissue to catch drips. Sounds like a lot, but it’s actually no problem at all.

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