Phase One

Phase one of our experiment went very well. I suggested Lion numb his left cheek since that’s the one with the spot that gets sore quickly. I gave him only half of his birthday swats since I was hitting harder than normal. On the non-numb side, he was really feeling it. Not so much on the numb side. He said there was less of a sting on the numb side. He asked if I was hitting full force and when I said no he wanted extra swats on the numb side as hard as I could. Well, I don’t know if I quite did as hard as I could, but it was definitely harder. And I left a small mark toward the bottom of his cheek.

A few hours later, Lion reported there was no residual effect. However, this morning he said he was sore in the spot I’d left the mark. I doubt he’ll feel it the entire day or even for half his flight, but it was nice to know he could feel it. I think next time I’ll have him numb both cheeks so I can fire away. Then we’ll see if he feels it the next day.

As promised, Lion got his birthday orgasm. I didn’t really edge him as much as I planned. He was clearly ready so I just let him come after two or three times. This week he’s a wild Lion on his business trip. He may be able to make it through security with the cage on, but it just seems like a hassle. I think he ordered a nylon cage to test out. We’ll see how comfortable it is before I decide if he should wear it on future business trips.

I have no doubt Lion will be horny within a day or two but I’m not there to tease him, and he’ll be tired from work so it shouldn’t be a problem. As long as he’s horny when he gets home, we can resume our nightly edging with no further interruption.

This time he has a long wait. Long for Lion. Not really long for other caged males. If I don’t give him a bonus orgasm along the way I run the risk of him losing interest. Even with regular edging, he’ll reach a point that he won’t care if he’s edged or not. I don’t know if we can just power through that or not. I guess the only way to find out is to do it.