As Mrs. Lion mentioned, I’m off on a business trip Monday morning. At least I think I am. My destination is in the heart of the area hit hurricane Matthew. I won’t know until later this weekend whether or not the trip will be possible. My heart goes out to the people in the path of this terrible storm. Many of my colleagues are affected. One joked yesterday, “When you come down you can take pictures of the damage to show the folks at home.” I hope not. This is far closer to me than the evening news. I care a lot about both the people and the place on a very personal level.

I suppose you saw Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday. I sure did. She’s curious about our spanking experiment and decided that she should start out with very hard swats. This isn’t punishment. It’s science. That won’t reduce the pain for me. Mark wrote a comment about my post yesterday. He mentioned “leather butts”. This is an expression in the BDSM community that refers to people who can take a lot of spanking with little effect. I’ve seen quite a few cases.

He said that the reason someone would have a leather butt is because they have gotten so many spankings that they get toughened up. He suggested that is probably why spankings don’t redden me as much as others. In my case, that’s not true. I haven’t been spanked much at all prior to Mrs. Lion coming along. But, in fact, frequency of swats doesn’t appear to be related to this condition. You would have to have calluses on your ass to not feel pain there when swatted.

The fact that I don’t get deep red doesn’t mean I don’t feel the swats. I think I am a wimp when it comes to spanking. I can’t hold still for a punishment spanking. I can’t stop myself from yelling/screaming in pain. If anything, I feel more back there than many. But still I don’t get red or easily bruised. I’ve known others who turn red to the extent you can see a hand print from a single swat. I’ve had bottoms like that. It’s fun to leave my mark that way.

I thought that after being spanked over time, I would learn to hold still and accept my punishment. After more than a year, that hasn’t happened. Even if I “earn” extra swats for moving, I just can’t stop myself. Who knows? Maybe I just need more practice. One thing I have never seen is anyone getting an acquired immunity to spanking. It may take more to send a message to some people, but I’ve never seen any evidence that they lose sensation over time.

By that I mean over many spanking sessions. In a play spanking where the build up is fairly slow, endorphins will build up (the same way they do when people run long distances) and the pain will become pleasure. That’s not what I mean. I’m talking about spankings over a period of years. I know of no reports that the spankings stop being effective.

Punishment spankings don’t allow endorphins to build up. They start hard and stay hard. Sometimes, in my case, the swats get more severe as the session progresses. I never try to provoke Mrs. Lion to give me one. I hate them. And, for the record, I don’t have a leather butt.




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    I certainly haven’t noticed that spankings become any easier. Over time or in session. The last smacks are always among the worst! I don’t appear to be getting any better at accepting them either.

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    Punishment spankings don’t allow for the build up of endorphins, but you can get yourself into an emotional state beforehand that gets your adrenaline up to lessen the pain. At least I have.

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