It Could Always Be Worse

As you’ve probably read, Lion says it was my idea to start out with hard whomps for our numb butt experiment. Nope. Not me. I’d rather start out with medium whomps and increase the harshness in subsequent spankings. That way we can tell how hard I need to swat to begin to see a difference. Lion advocated for hard swats right off the bat. As I said yesterday, we “compromised” and we’re going straight for the hard swats. True, it was my decision to go with the compromise, but it wasn’t my first choice. In the end, it became another example of Lion being careful what he asks for. I can usually agree with that.

Last night was punishment night. Lion dutifully reminded me. When I said I didn’t think he had anything on his list, he reminded me that he hadn’t thanked me for his previous punishment. I was debating if I should let him off the hook since I hadn’t remembered and he reminded me. Ultimately, I decided that he should still get swats, but not as many and not as hard. However, when I was done, I hovered for a minute to see if he was going to thank me. Just before I asked him if he needed more swats, he remembered. Phew! That was a close one.

His whomping was not done for the evening’s activities. After I unlocked him I was massaging his balls and starting the fun. Then I swatted his balls a few times. Massage and swat. Massage and swat. He doesn’t like to have his balls swatted, but a long time ago he told me to do it. He also told me his balls could handle being swatted fairly hard. Now when I swat them he winces with even the slightest of love taps. I tell him he has wimpy balls and swat harder. I remind him that he told me to swat harder. He doesn’t like to be reminded of things he said in the beginning of our relationship. Sometimes he wishes I’d forget a lot of what he’s taught me. My memory may be faulty, but it’s not that faulty. Sorry, my pet.

The other love/hate relationship he has is with edging. He loves the attention. He hates that I stop. Well, my dear, you asked for this too. The whole idea of being denied was your idea. You can’t blame me for getting so good at it. And it could always be worse. I could be missing the mark and giving you ruined orgasms.