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Our blog is a journal; a day-by-day account of our enforced chastity and female led relationship. Most of the time there isn’t any notable daily change. Our evolution is gradual as we adopt and adapt to our power exchange. Every so often, the light bulb turns on and one of us takes a significant step. Mrs. Lion deciding to become stricter and less worried about how I feel about things was one of them. The decision to make that change came months ago. She labeled this change “lioness 2.0”.

As you might expect, the decision to do something and fully making the change doesn’t happen all at once. In fact, many times you aren’t even aware the change took place because adoption was so gradual. In the case of 2.0, There is no goal that would indicate the transformation is complete; but then something happens.

When Mrs. Lion wrote that she found herself hoping I would break a rule signified a change. It isn’t that she wants excuses to spank me. She doesn’t need a reason to do that. It was something much more important. She found herself enjoying catching me committing a punishable infraction. She is starting to  realize that she is enjoying her power. This will probably mean she will more actively pursue this pleasure. For me, it means she will be stricter as my disciplining wife.

This change in her has apparently triggered a change in me. My change has absolutely nothing to do with discipline or obeying rules. It’s sexual. Let’s go back to Saturday night.

Mrs. Lion unlocked me and edged me several times. I was absolutely crazy to come by the time she was done. I was bucking while she was masturbating me. I tend to do that when really aroused. The bucking wasn’t useful since her hand was moving far faster than I can buck. I couldn’t help myself. In the past on rare occasions, when I bucked she would stop moving her hand and let me provide the stimulation with my hips. She would release her hand just before I could come.

I really enjoyed those times and frequently thought about how much fun this was for me. I’ve written about it and we discussed it a few times. On Saturday night while she was masturbating me and I was bucking, I thought about how great it would feel if I could hump her hand. After she finished teasing me and I was lying on my back in a puddle of desire, she moved over and we snuggled. Without any forethought on my part, I said, “May I hump your hand?” I told her that I would do all the moving.

I was surprised I asked. I was even more surprised when she agreed. I rolled onto my side facing her. She rolled onto her side and reached down and lightly gripped my penis. I immediately started to move my hips. It felt incredible! She didn’t use any lube or other aid. It was just the pressure of her dry hand that provided the stimulation.

I was breathing harder and began panting. She waited until I was just ready to pass the point of no return and released her grip. I was humping air, but I couldn’t immediately stop. After I settled down, she grabbed my cock  and without a word, I instinctively started humping. I was fucking her hand. I was fucking her. Again and again, the grip disappeared just before I reached the promised land. When the grip returned, I started humping again, faster each time.

It was all instinct. I didn’t think at all. My entire being was concentrated into my hips working to get me off. The conscious part of me knew I wouldn’t get there. I wasn’t due to come. When her grip didn’t disappear as I got ready to come, I almost stopped myself in surprise. But I didn’t. I fucked harder and had a great, intense orgasm. My hips slowed as I ejaculated and I kept humping until I was spent. I have no idea how long that took. It felt like minutes to me, even though I am sure it was just a few seconds.

That’s not my change. The big change for me was that I asked if I could hump her hand. I’ve never made a direct request like that before. I also did this while on my side. I haven’t even reached the edge in any position other than on my back in many years. Even before enforced chastity, intercourse was cowgirl or reverse cowgirl style. Mrs. Lion was always on top. Other activities like jerking me off or oral sex also took place with me on my back. Even the few prior occasions when I humped her hand, I did it while on my back.

Years ago, when I tried penetration doggy style, I quickly lost my erection after penetration. Even back then, I had apparently lost my ability to get off in any other position. Saturday night I had no trouble at all even though I was on my side. It felt natural. and good. A while ago, Mrs. Lion wrote that she wanted me to learn to perform in other positions. Saturday night wasn’t meant to be part of that education. We both realized that I came when not on my back. Mrs. Lion noted that this was progress.

This may seem trivial to you, but for me it isn’t. Three new, significant things happened: First, I asked for a specific sexual activity. Second, I was able to perform, even ejaculate when not on my back. And, third, I took the active role the entire time. Mrs. Lion was in complete control of whether or not I would come, but I was the active partner. I was fucking! This is the first time I’ve taken the active role since we started enforced chastity.

I don’t believe in coincidence. Mrs. Lion moving more actively into her role as 2.0 and my sexual changes happening at the same time can’t be an accident. I don’t see any relationship between the two events, but the timing strongly suggests they are related. As 2.0 is around more and more, will other things that seem unrelated happen for me? I have no idea. All I know is that while I may end up with a sore bottom more often or find myself in diapers for breaking rules, I also ended up having one of the best sexual experiences I can remember. Wow.

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    One of the unexpected benefits my wife and I have found from our own evolving FLR/Male Chastity arrangement is that we’ve both gotten better at asking for (or demanding) what we want from the other. That’s something we’ve always had a problem with, tending to overthink things. Is this the right time? Would she/he really be into this? That alone has made all the bumps in our own road worthwhile.

    Only discovered your blog a few weeks ago. Love it.

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