A Hump, A Hump O’ Burnin’ Love

Lion was super horny last night. I told him I could only make it worse. He said he didn’t care. He wanted attention. So I indulged him. Some oral play; some hand play. And then I stopped. We were done.

Maybe fifteen minutes later, Lion rolled over toward me and asked if he could hump my hand. I told him he’d been humping my hand already. I was moving my hand at the time. He wanted to do it on his side with only him moving, not me. All I had to do was lie there and he’d do all the work? Sold! I did adjust my grip over the course of the next three or four edgings. When I stopped he kept humping the air. I told you he was super horny.

The last time he went at it I let him come. He’d been working so hard and he was so horny, I decided it was time, even though his scheduled date is over a week away. What can I say? Having him do all the work for a change, convinced me. I really do love the sounds he makes now. It’s like a surprise every time he has an orgasm. Especially since he never made any noise until we started enforced chastity. Maybe it really is a surprise. Even on days he was sure he’d have an orgasm based on our old system of the scheduled date being the date, he was never sure exactly when he’d come. Would I edge him twice? Three times? Four? He didn’t know. And I don’t really adhere to the schedule anyway. I do like to surprise him.

So my horny boy is not horny anymore. She says as if he can’t be horny again already. For all I know he’s refreshed and ready for more right now. Well, right now his shoulder hurts, but when that stops he could be ready again. Or it may take a day or two. I guess that’s part of a surprise for me. I’ll think he’s good for at least a day and he’s already bounced back. Surprise!