Football Night

You’d think we had a wild Saturday night, but all we did was go to Costco and a quick trip to the grocery store. Lion woke up with bad shoulder pain and my knee pain morphed into hurting my whole leg. We were a mess. I managed to get the laundry done and we did a few chores, but manscaping was not one of them despite Lion being very furry.

After he read my post, Lion confirmed that he was a little horny. By the time we finished dinner and showers and started snuggling he said he wasn’t anymore. I guess it’s difficult to be horny when you’re in pain and on pain medication. He apologized although he had no reason to apologize. I don’t think I’ve ever been upset if he wasn’t horny when we tried to play. Everyone has off days. We’ll try again later or the next day. I’m not going anywhere.

Last night I mentioned that I still hadn’t punished Lion for spilling food on himself the other night. He said he was aware. Then he told me that today is punishment day and asked if that counted or was it too early. I never specified how early he could remind me, but the night before isn’t really in the spirit of the game. I could see him setting up future emails on Mondays and Thursdays to automatically send me reminders. That’s the techie in him. Now, I’ll specify that the reminder has to be between the normal time we wake up (no fair telling me at 3 am if we’re both awake) and 8:30 pm. No automatic emails accepted, although I have no idea how I’d know if it was automatic or not.

Tonight is Giants football night. We record the game so we can take our time getting dinner and showers out of the way. We’ll probably snuggle a bit while the game is on and pause it for things like his punishment or play. Let’s see how we feel later before making any plans other than watching football. Lion may not be horny or may be in pain. As long as we can hold hands I’ll be happy.