Now that I am back in the Jail Bird after about a month of being wild, I can’t say that I am delighted about being caged again. There’s a lot to be said for being wild. It’s certainly more comfortable. While I usually forget I am caged, there are times when I wear jeans and I’m sitting at my desk that I get a little pinch. It’s easy to adjust away, but it is a sharp reminder that I am locked up. The other big advantage to being wild is that I can get hard. I like how an erection feels. What a surprise! I must be the only male in the world who feels that way.

Ok, thank you captain obvious. There’s something about morning wood or an occasional unauthorized erection that feels really nice. Most males take that for granted. I certainly don’t. I also like the ease of peeing standing up. At work, using a urinal while in the cage is always an opportunity to spray all over the floor, wall, and my pants. I carry a Q-Tip in my shirt pocket to adjust if the urethra isn’t properly centered. I also carry a tissue to clean up the inevitable drips on my balls.

I recognize that these inconveniences are just part of the power exchange, but they do wear on me. While I was wild, Mrs. Lion was considering extending my lack of cage indefinitely. She correctly reasoned that I have been conditioned to not masturbate. It’s true. I’ve lost the desire to do that. I prefer being horny than relieving it myself. Mrs. Lion never lets me self stimulate when we play. All sexual contact is with her.

I wondered whether the lack of the cage would subtly change things. The teasing sessions didn’t let up when I was wild. I don’t think anything between us changed at all. Is the cage only needed as an aid to condition me sexually? Once we established new sexual patterns, is the cage just a symbol that I wear like my wedding ring? If that’s true, does it make sense to remain locked given the inconveniences it creates?

In contrast, my wedding ring is not inconvenient at all. Nothing I do changes if it is on or off. Of course it is always on. I treasure it’s meaning. I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Lion likes seeing it on my finger. I love seeing the ring on hers. Is the cage the same? I wonder how she feels when she looks down and sees it locked in place. I’m divided on my reaction. When I see myself wearing it in the mirror, half the time I get a very warm feeling seeing the symbol of Mrs. Lion’s ownership. The other half of the time I growl softly and think about the inconveniences it causes me.

When I was wild, I liked seeing the penis. When uncaged, it is usually longer than when confined. I think it looks good on me. Carefree peeing felt like a gift. In the shower, cleaning is a bit easier. I never got hard when washing. The cage trained me, I guess. I wonder if all that would revert back to my pre-cage penis reactions after a long period without the cage. Would the conditioning fade and eventually disappear? I don’t know. At this point, I don’t want to find out. Of course, if Mrs. Lion lets me go wild again, should the conditioning show any sign of fading, the cage could go back on in a flash. She’d have to be vigilant to observe the first sign of slippage.

I wanted to be locked up again this time. I don’t trust that all the goodness we get from enforced chastity is going to continue if the cage is gone for very long. I know from experience over the years I have been caged that we do very well together. Is the cage the reason? Or, is it what we learned by using the cage as a training aid? What do you think?


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    Lion: personally I am not have totally control over my desire to orgasm. I can go through a season of indifference but build up over time creates a failure eventually. I thought that my lady would take the responsibility away once I got a device but a woman has no drive to keep it on and enforce chastity for sensual feelings in herself. That is a fantasy and men pay high prices to be chastity and punished too. I suppose like drinking or smoking,walking around with a muzzle on seems useless so self control is the true answer.just less fun. If I was given a chance to have a wife who pleased me every morning before the day begins and knew how to keep me aroused for hours then I could hope to not be tempted. As a man gets older the morning wood tends to fade,so even though I would like an alpha female to keep me hard and wet. It is more likely I could have.a.submissive woman who would cure the same urges. I dream of Genie. So to speak.

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    I agree with you in having much less desire to masturbate while being wild after long-term caging. I also note the difficulty with peeing into urinals. I plan to purchase a short length of PVC tube to confine and direct the urine. This way nothing gets on my sack and the tube is easy enough to quickly rinse in the sink. Of course with the CB-6000s, one needs to use a piece of toilet paper to wipe out any remaining urine inside the tube. I will let you know how the tube works out and maybe you can apply it to your needs.

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    “over the years I have been caged that we do very well together”… Is a possible explanation for this that you’ve learned to communicate better? (That was certainly the most beneficial effect that my wife and I noticed when we started doing male chastity – and we had excellent communication by any objective standards before.)

    If so, do you have any reason to think that you might lose this enhanced communication if you stop wearing the cage? I’m not being rhetorical here; I think that there is a very real possibility of “slipping backwards” in some ways. However, I also think that awareness of both the improved communication and of backsliding may be enough, if you continue to be vigilant about it. (By posting *every day* for nearly three years, you’ve both certainly shown the ability to stick to achieving a goal!)

    I’m curious: Have you gotten any firm sense of how seeing the cage on you “feels” to Mrs. Lion? I wonder the same about my wife’s feelings…

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      I suspect the visual of me in the cage has no real effect on her. She has never expressed any particular determination to keep me locked up. I may be wrong. Just how it seems to me.

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    I assumed (and you know what happens when you assume) the cage was not necessary because there was no way Lion would cheat. Then he told me he got himself hard a few times while he was wild. Back into the cage he went. As far as my reaction to seeing him in the cage is concerned, I don’t always pay attention to his wedding ring either, but when I notice it I’m reminded that this small piece of metal is a symbol of our bond. It’s the same with the cage.

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      That makes sense. Soon after my wife and I started seeing each other, I put a sterling chain on her ankle. I purchased the raw chain stock from a jewelry supply house, and after cutting it to length I formed the links to close it, without any clasp. Sterling is a soft material, so of course she could cut it off (just as with anything), but she’s worn it continuously ever since – almost ten years now.

      Just as you described for Lion’s cage, or his wedding ring, I don’t notice it all the time, but it always gives me a warm feeling when I do.

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    I find that I least like the cage for the first day or two after I have ejaculated when it just seems like a piece of metal. Then somehow if I don’t have it for a period of days or weeks I start to miss it.
    The most powerful thing for me though is when my wife tells me she ‘wants’ me to wear it, and is determined in that ‘want’.

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    For both of us (my Goddess and me) being inescapably locked is essential for several reasons.

    For her it’s mainly about the power exchange and she revels in the knowledge that there’s absolutely nothing whatsoever I can do about my situation as I’m locked in full stainless steel panties so I can neither get out of them nor defeat them while locked in them.

    For me it’s pretty much the same as being reminded that I’m totally helpless in them and completely at her mercy is so erotically frustrating. I simply adore her enjoyment of my situation.

    So for us, trust wouldn’t work even though I wouldn’t cheat and she knows it: it absolutely HAS to be “real”: we both need to know that, apart from cutting the lock off, the key is the only way I can get release and/or relief.

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