Honor Over Hormones

When I think about personal conduct, I think about two separate sets of values: morality and honor. Morals are values that come from outside. Society established them as the social currency that keeps civilization alive. I subscribe to the morals I follow, but they originated outside of me. Honor, on the other hand, reflects values that I hold in high esteem that may or may not be promoted by society.

You may be wondering what this has to do with enforced chastity. The answer is, a great deal. Consider the chastity device. Fantasies make a very big deal out of the fact that they must be inescapable. The caged male has no choice but to abstain until his keyholder unlocks him. So, some reason, if a guy can escape the device, he is free to jerk off or enjoy other use of his penis. Somehow, the essence of his chastity is dictated by the security of the hardware.

This sort of thinking leads a lot of guys to buy “secure” devices. If they are to remain chaste, they reason, the device has to be inescapable. Some go so far as to get penis piercings so that the device can be locked to their very flesh.

The way I look at it, seeking ultimate security is a fetish in itself. Enforced chastity doesn’t require such extreme measures. In fact, the only chastity device really needed is a strong sense of honor. This is the same sense of honor that a wedding vow is supposed to signify. We know how successful that is for many.

Consider a guy who has been under enforced chastity for years. He has many opportunities to spend time without his device locked on. During one of those times he is wild, he starts fantasizing and ends up jerking off. He might think it is because his keyholder hadn’t assured he remained locked when not being supervised. I don’t agree. In fact, his hormones overwhelmed his honor. It’s the same sort of thing that can happen when a guy cheats with another woman. Jerking off may not be as serious to his wife, but it is a serious lapse in his sense of honor.

I can understand how this can happen. It’s not easy to abstain. Is it easier if locked up? I don’t think so. The difference is that when locked up, the ability to follow through on the desire to ejaculate is made more difficult. Hopefully, difficult enough to give the guy a chance to reconsider what he wants to do; some time for the hormones to recede.

There are times when I really want to ejaculate. Almost all of them are when Mrs. Lion has teased me within an inch of actually coming. But then there are other times when my mind wanders to sexual topics and I just “need” to get off. This happens when I am caged and when I am wild. When I am in the chastity device, I am much more likely to try to get hard. For some reason, when wild I don’t feel an erection starting most of the time.

It may be my Jiminy Cricket sitting on my shoulder telling me that if I get hard it will be more difficult to keep my hands off my penis. Whatever it is, when wild I am far less likely to physically react to the hormones I can feel starting to flow. I don’t want to break my promise to Mrs. Lion.

An erection in my mind, is a minor sin. When I was wild, I did play with myself a little to provoke one. Almost every time I tried, I failed. I seem to have lost most of my sensitivity to my own touch. Only once or twice when I was very aroused by sexual thoughts, did I reach down and actually start an erection. I stopped before things got out of hand, so to speak.

I realize that being locked in a chastity device, at least in my case, has less to do with sexual control than it does with my fetish for bondage. Also, in an odd way, being locked up frees me to think more sexually since I know I can’t do anything about those thoughts. When wild, I have to be much more careful.

I’m not claiming that I’m now 100 percent positive I will never jerk off again. But I am confident that the odds I will really do it are very low. I am certain that the amount of security my chastity device provides is more than enough security to prevent even my most desperate need to get off from becoming a reality. The effort needed to escape would distract me sexually and long before I could get out, I would realize I don’t want to get off that badly and hurt my keyholder’s feelings by cheating on her. The device only has to be secure enough to help my honor triumph over my hormones.