Completely In Her Hands

I’ll be on my way home tomorrow. My trip is much worse on Mrs. Lion than it is on me. I’m in a location that people save all their lives to visit. I have enough free time to enjoy some of the fun here. Mrs. Lion is home. Maybe it is easier there without me around, but I know she misses me. Despite the distractions, I miss here terribly. We belong together.

In my opinion, enforced chastity and FLR only work well when there is a deep commitment between the keyholder/disciplining wife and her partner. Keyholding is often viewed as a 24/7 kink where only the male need feel the need for it. It’s true, for a few bucks a month a guy can “rent” a keyholder who will hold the key to his device and return it to him after a period of time. It’s a way to bring reality to what once was a masturbatory fantasy.

There’s nothing wrong with this game, but it’s very limited in comparison to an in-person relationship where the device is just the beginning. In our case, Mrs. Lion edges me nearly every day. It’s impossible for me to forget how much I want release. I also know that the power to prevent or give me this release lies not in the device, but in Mrs. Lion’s hands. That;s powerful stuff. Just writing about it arouses me.

Sometimes, when we are together, it’s easy to forget how much power exchange has to do with my enforced chastity. I know that I will be edged and have no real expectation of orgasm. It’s a fun, somewhat frustrating exercise we both enjoy. It’s even more exciting when I remember, or Mrs. Lion reminds me, that she and she alone has the power to allow me to ejaculate. When she edges me and finally stops after many near orgasms, she sometimes says, “No, not this time.” Moments like that remind me that enforced chastity isn’t about sex at all. It’s about power and control.

I’m glad that Mrs. Lion hasn’t tried to train me to hold back my orgasms until she tells me I can come. I like that 100% of the control is hers and that she doesn’t need my help to withhold my orgasms. I’m not sure she fully realizes how profound that is to me. One reason i asked that we not have a fixed orgasm date is that I prefer that she can decide at any time, regardless of the date, if I will or won’t ejaculate. I can’t do anything about it. She knows how to read me and stops just before I reach the promised land.

It’s both frustrating and satisfying to me that she can do it. At this point, with or without the cage, I simply can’t have an orgasm that she doesn’t supply. I can’t explain why, since nothing is in the way of me masturbating; but I just can’t. That’s the way it should be.

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    Recently my husband told me he wanted to be caged after 15 yrs together. His love of kink is part of what attached me all those years ago, but things have been dull for too many years. So I was willing to “try.” At first I really enjoyed all the extra attention I was receiving, but then he started to get in the way of our lives. A few days ago I found your blog and now I am finally beginning to understand. “Topping from the bottom,” the fact that his behavior had a name let me know I wasn’t alone. My husband had emotionally wounded me in the past, but like Mrs. Lion I found no joy in the idea of hurting him for my pleasure. We have now agreed to a min number of “play-dates” before I will consider his release. He will be punished for asking before that. Then I am free to be selfish a few times and he knows that each encounter gets him closer to the possibility of release. I have never worried about my husband cheating, but I love the thought that he’ll feel my presence wherever he is. Your blogs are helping me find ways to live this the way we both want to. Thank you for posting.

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