My Forecast

The other day Lion said something about not being spanked in quite a while. He meant, of course, a play spanking. The long slow buildup of swats from soft to hard, perhaps with different implements and my hand, that he loves so much. He’s right. He’s gotten punishment swats recently and I owe him more when he gets home. Apparently I owe him a play spanking session as well.

I’m not sure what time he gets home tomorrow. He’ll need to tell me if he wants me to pick him up at the airport. But I’m sure he won’t feel like playing until Saturday or Sunday anyway. Neither one of us has really been sleeping well and he’ll need time to recuperate from his long plane ride. We don’t sleep well together and we don’t sleep well apart. We’re a mess. But I think Lion could benefit from a nice, long play spanking. Especially if he’s tied to the bed. What more could a Lion ask for?

Yes, he could ask for an orgasm. His next date is Saturday. Depending on when we play, he’ll probably get that orgasm without any more waiting. I haven’t heard a Lion weather report lately. The only weather reports he’s been giving me is about the heat and humidity in the east. I’m assuming he’s been too busy and tired to think much about sex. And what good would it do him anyway? He may be wild, but he’s not free to do as he pleases.

My forecast is for lots of snuggling Friday night, with things heating up more on Saturday and Sunday.