I Can’t Wait

We got a comment asking what Lion has to do for ten points. It’s boring. There’s nothing on his list related to sex or chastity. The only purpose of the game was for him to feel my power from far away. Lion is working for a company that represents a lot of famous personalities. I wanted Lion to get me selfies with two of them. He says it’s not possible because he’s working for them and it would be tacky. My compromise was to at least get a picture of them. It’s a moot point so far anyway. He hasn’t even seen those specific personalities yet. However, he has gotten me other pictures I’ve asked for. He’s doing well with his assignments.

Now, on to Lion’s post from this morning. I didn’t say Lion had a choice of whether he wanted to do womanscaping. I said he’d find reasons not to do it. While I don’t necessarily care if he’s bare, he likes to be bare and if we do go back to using the cage, it’s easier if there’s no hair to interfere with the cage. Yes, I realize I can punish him if he doesn’t do what I ask. I was merely pointing out that if he can’t do something for me, then maybe I can’t do something for him.

We are halfway through our six days apart. I haven’t really accomplished much. I’ve reverted back to my do-nothing self. I swear I’ll get motivated tonight. Really.

Mostly, I want Lion to be home. I know six days doesn’t seem like a long time, but we haven’t been apart for more than a day in years. We don’t do well apart. Some days I think we don’t do well together either, but apart is definitely worse. Lions belong in prides. Friday night our pride will be back together. I can’t wait!