Yesterday, Mrs. Lion’s post was about her newfound interest in having me remove her leg hair. She wrote that she was sure I could find reasons not to do it. Then she said she could come up with reasons not to de-fur me. I found that statement surprising. It suggests I have a choice. She’s the boss. Even if I hate the idea, as I understand it, failure to obey earns me punishment.

I’m a little troubled that Mrs. Lion didn’t remember that. Similarly, if she wants a bare pussy, my opinion shouldn’t keep her hairy. She is the decision maker; not me. It’s true that I came to her all those years ago without pubic hair. Most will never grow back. I’ve always thought she likes me that way and her manscaping efforts keep me baby smooth for her pleasure as well as mine.

Her post is significant for a completely different reason: she’s started thinking about what I can do for her. One of our joint objectives in adopting FLR is to help Mrs. Lion learn to think of herself and require me to do things just for her pleasure. Her post is a milestone. She’s done it!

She mentioned that I don’t notice her leg hair. She has very light body hair and even when she thinks she looks like a gorilla, it’s hardly noticeable. She also said that I don’t touch her legs. Maybe I don’t. The reason is her lack of libido. I don’t want to annoy her. I’m happy to resume touching. I truly enjoy it.