The thought occurred to me last night as I got out of the shower that I should have Lion “womanscape” me since I manscape him. I’m not talking about my bikini area. He likes me furry there. (He was upset once when I surprised him with a bare pussy. He didn’t like it at all.) I’m talking about my legs. I find it annoying on several levels to do it myself.

First of all, Lion doesn’t care if my legs are as furry as his. He never really touches them so it doesn’t matter if I look like bigfoot. I let them go for a few months and he never said a word. It was only when I knew I’d be wearing shorts that I figured I should not scare the neighborhood children with my bigfoot legs and I shaved. Second of all, I hate doing it. It’s time consuming. I have to stand on my head to reach everywhere. It needs to be done far too often to remain fur free. Third, why shouldn’t he do it?

I think Lion just had a mini heart attack. I bet he doesn’t want to do this. It’s not as scary as it sounds. I haven’t actually been shaving. I’ve been using the epilator. It hurts a little more but I have to do it less often. He’ll like that part. Every two weeks should do it. He can do me when I do him. (He’s waited a long time to hear me say that. In a different capacity though.) I think it makes perfect sense for Lion to take care of my legs. I take care of much more intimate parts of him. We’ll chat about this when he gets home, I’m sure. He’ll find reasons not to do it. I’m sure I can think of reasons not to manscape him too.

On the plus side, Lion has been toiling away at his assignments. The ones he thought would be impossible, have turned out to be halfway possible. I wondered if he’d think of that trick. I wasn’t going to suggest it because I didn’t want to give him an easy way out. He should at least try for the full task. So, in my example from the other day, if I asked him to get a selfie with the Eiffel Tower and he said that would be impossible, a picture of the Eiffel Tower sans Lion selfie will earn him partial credit. I applaud him for going along with the silly lioness’ game. Maybe he can have bonus points for creativity.