Cage or No Cage

Lion is worried we won’t play if he’s not caged anymore. I can see his point. But I’m also thinking that we would never allow ourselves to go back into the dark ages.

It’s true we’re not playing now, but that’s largely due to illness and Lion’s bout with unemployment. Once we get on more stable ground, I have no doubt we’ll get back to normal. It may not happen before Lion’s scheduled orgasm on Saturday, but I’d like to at least attempt it.

I think the basic idea of the dark ages was that I was mad at Lion for not initiating sex. He wanted sex but he wanted me to be the one to initiate. That didn’t make any sense to me. It was a one way street. What did I get out of the deal? I figured if I wanted sex, I should initiate. If he wants it, he should initiate. That seems rational.

Of course, when Lion wanted to go to the movies, I was the one who was expected to look up where and when the movie was playing. Same idea. If I want to go, I should look. If he wants to go, he should look. So I decided that he wouldn’t get sex until he asked. And he only asked every so often.

I guess I’m naive. It never occurred to me that he was masturbating. I just figured he didn’t want sex enough to ask for it. Just like, despite all his noise about wanting to see a particular movie, he rarely got the information to go.

Eventually I laid down the law about the movie thing. Now when he mentions wanting to go to the movies I tell him he knows what he needs to do. I don’t really remember if that was before or after we started FLR.

One of the reasons I don’t think we’d revert to the dark ages is that even without the cage, if he mentions how horny he is, I’ll know he’s ready to play. Our agreement is still the same.

Mr. Weenie is my toy. He’s not allowed to touch except for cleaning and peeing. He certainly is not allowed to masturbate. His sexual activity is still dependent on me. He is still my responsibility. I’ll be making the orgasm schedule. I know when he needs to be punished. I’ll decide when he gets edged. With or without the cage, nothing else has changed.

Now all we have to do is both feel well enough to pick up where we left off.