It Doesn’t Have To Be About The Hardware

I’m still coughing a bit, but my stomach has settled down and my energy level is near normal. Mrs. Lion is still under the weather. She is working but her stomach is still bothering her. We may need another day before we are both ready to get back into action. My libido hasn’t returned but I’m not too worried. Mrs. Lion can do magic with that.

Guys seem to have the same sort of strong feelings about chastity devices that they do about cars. There are Ford guys and Porsche guys. In chastity there are Mature Metal men and CB3000 men. I guess it is natural that something as intimate as a chastity device will generate a lot of loyalty if it fits well and is secure.

I don’t see anything wrong with that. I’m very partial to my Mature Metal Jail Bird. But it is expensive and a lot of guys starting out aren’t in the position to spend that much money. Mine cost about $400 after adding the security screw option. Can you test out enforced chastity without a big investment? I think you can if you move your focus away from the hardware.

Male chastity is about controlled abstinence. The male surrenders sexual control to his keyholder. In most of our fantasies, this control is enforced by wearing a device that makes sexual arousal and ejaculation impossible. But it doesn’t have to be that way; at least in the beginning.

Most of us have enough self control to keep our hands off our penises if we agree to surrender control. So, if in the beginning, the “honor” system is used to enforce chastity, then hardware purchases can be delayed. This is a good idea anyway. The first thing any guy has to do in order to get a good-fitting device is to know what size base ring he needs. That’s the ring that goes around your cock and balls.

It takes trial and error to get this right. Mature Metal sells an inexpensive set of plastic rings that lets you test various diameters. In order to know what size you need, you have to wear a ring for at least a week. A ring that feels good for the first few hours after putting it on, may end up chafing after a few days. Or, on the other hand, one of your balls may slip out if it is too big.

So, while you are on the honor system you can be wearing a ring that will remind you of your promise and will let you figure out the size you need. If you follow this process, by the time you have decided that you want to continue enforced chastity, you will also know your base ring size. Waiting will give you time to save the money you need for a custom device. The only question is whether you have the self control to wait before getting the hardware.