Chastity Vacation

Back home after a whirlwind trip for orientation. It was great! It’s better to be home. I slept well next to Mrs. Lion. I’m off again in a little over a week for a five-day trip. Again, the destination is great, but I will miss my sweet lioness and I hate flying. The new job is wonderful. It is the greatest challenge of my career and I love every minute of it.

As Mrs. Lion wrote, our activities have been on hold. We’re both really tired and our stomachs are upset. However, tomorrow is another day. I have to admit that I haven’t even been thinking about sex. That’s how consumed I am with my new job. I like being wild. If we could maintain our chastity activities consistently, I would like to remain uncaged for a while longer.

It’s not that the cage bothers me physically. It doesn’t. Well, I do have to adjust if I sit in one place for a long time. Peeing is sometimes an issue, even with a urinal. The urethra can “bite” the bar on the side of the front opening. This causes a spray and drip that makes a mess of the floor and my pants. I don’t want to risk that at my new office.

I’m not sure we will resume our activities if I stay wild. I’m not sure we will if I’m caged. I’m distracted and Mrs. Lion is tired. I’m in no danger at all of masturbating. So the cage isn’t functionally necessary right now. In a way I feel like the poster boy for enforced chastity. Does that imply I have to be continuously locked up? I hope not. There is no question in my mind that at some point in the near future I will get horny again and my thoughts will turn to penis bondage. I hope that play will resume soon whether or not I am in the mood.

If I could go into more detail about my work, I think you would see why my immediate priorities have shifted. Mrs. Lion understands. The question is how we will handle this temporary interruption. Stay tuned.

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    Dear Mr. Lion,

    Since you mentioned a couple of small issues with your JailBird, I would encourage you or anyone to look at the titanium “Schandmaske” by Steelwerks as a male chastity device.
    I have to tell you, It’s like wearing a wedding band, its there but you really don’t know its there until you want to play. That’s when it does its job. (I do have a PA, so the security is 100% and the comfort is the same.)
    I have been wearing it for almost a year and a half. Even when I am not feeling good, I don’t think about it. It is that comfortable! After experimenting with numerous devices, I have a permanent lifestyle with this device, including going thru airports and their TSA security. Originally, chastity was my idea, now it is hers. I do get to play when she wants but as a rule of thumb, it goes right back on afterwards. Funny thing is, I feel naked without it.

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