Test Drive

I’m hoping we’ll be rested enough to play tonight. We have some errands to run, as usual on a weekend, and then there’s a picnic for my work. When they asked for a headcount I said we’d go, but it would depend on Lion’s new job. It was an easy out and for a while it seemed like we’d use it. But now Lion says we should go. Unless something drastic happens (like we actually have fun) I doubt we’ll stay long. It’s important to at least make an appearance. I guess.

Lion is busy right now with a project for work. I think this is the fastest he’s gotten involved when he’s started a new job. And he’s excited. Boy is he excited! For the first time I understand a lot of what he’s talking about. Usually he spouts computerese and widgets and it goes right over my head. He’s used to the glassy-eyed stare when I’m paying attention but have no idea what he’s saying. My interjections of “oh” and “I see”, coupled with looks of concern at (I hope) the correct times, are generally all I can muster. But this time I gave him a good idea. Me! Break open the champagne!

After our chores and picnic are over, I want to at least snuggle tonight. I owe Lion some swats for spilling food on his shirt last night. Like a little kid he tried to hide it but it was too late. From the sheepish grin on his face he knew it was useless anyway. I also think it’s time for Lion to be horny again. Enough with work excitement. I want some Lion excitement. He does have another week to wait for an orgasm, but he should get some edging in. You have to keep the equipment in working order. You never know when it will be needed. Those bonus orgasm opportunities do pop up from time to time when you least expect them. Tonight I think we need a test drive.

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