Not My Independence Day

Every so often I find a post that claims health benefits for a male under enforced chastity. These claims range from increased testosterone to a sudden personality change that results in a compulsion to do housework. Along with these claims are suggestions on exactly how to achieve these great results. Our vacation time gave me a chance to consider all these interesting claims.

The most “interesting,” to me at least, is that male testosterone will increase with sexual abstinence. There is some science behind this claim. Apparently, there is a short term drop in testosterone immediately after ejaculation. However, this recovers quickly to the previous level. More testosterone does not mean a more “masculine” he-man. It does increase the risk of heart attack. It also doesn’t make erections easier to achieve or harder. It will make a man more aggressive and more difficult to live with.

The second, and most common claim, is that by withholding orgasm, a man will become more submissive and willing to take over domestic chores. The theory is that the desperation to come will cause the guy to become willing do to anything just to improve his chances of ejaculating. Some guys swear this is the case. However, I suspect that they wanted this outcome. So, when they finally got locked up, they just had to do housework and act submissive. Perhaps this is what they wanted all along and enforced chastity gave them permission to finally display this behavior.

Things certainly change when enforced chastity enters a guy’s life. He has to learn to accept that he can’t have any kind of sex without his keyholder’s permission. For me, at least, the effect was profound. This wasn’t a form of sex play. I really couldn’t even get hard without Mrs. Lion unlocking my penis. It took some time to soak in, but once I understood that my favorite toy is permanently under someone else’s control, I could feel changes taking place.

The changes weren’t the dramatic stuff you can read about online. They are much more subtle. I found that my thoughts about sex started with Mrs. Lion unlocking me. It’s hard to explain, but to me, sexual thoughts are more in the third person; sort of “I bet someone would have a lot of fun with her.” Not, “I could sure have fun with her.” It’s more that I think it would be nice to see that movie, not that I could be in it. It might not sound like a lot, but I think it shows that I truly have surrendered my sexuality to my lioness.