As you know, I forgot to have Lion wear the shock collar until we got home. Once we uploaded our posts and ate lunch, we went off on an adventure. Other than beautiful scenery, there isn’t much else around here. I really think, at this point, we have exhausted everything we care to do in the immeidate vicinity. Nonetheless, we will probably go off on another advneture once we upload our posts.

When we made it back to the camper, I did have Lion put on the shock collar. Unfortunately, it was near dinnertime and we were in and out of the camper with Lion dressed. The shock collar was pinching so he asked to remove it. No shocks for Lion yesterday. He will get punishment swats for getting food on his shirt at lunch. We both forgot about the punishment until we were falling asleep last night.

Lion had his orgasm on Friday night. He was not horny and we were both tired last night. I assume we’ll play tonight. I should say, barring any unforeseen complications, we will play tonight. I haven’t used anything from my bag of tricks except for the Magic Wand and a paddle. I’ll definitely have to change that.

Despite the lack of cage, we are still practicing enforced chastity. Lion is not allowed to touch himself beyond peeing, cleaning and the occasional adjusting. As far as female led relationship is concerned, Lion is still deferring to me for decisions. Granted, the aren’t major decisions (Am I hungry? What should we have for dinner? Can he wear a T shirt?) but they’re still decisions. There’s no difference between home and our home away from home. And there shouldn’t be.