Time To Go Home

(Monday, July 4) I did it again. Sunday night I got spanked for getting food on my shirt on Sunday. A couple of hours after the punishment, Mrs. Lion asked if I had forgotten something. I said, “No.”

She said, “Uh Oh. Did you thank me for the swats?”

“Um, no I didn’t.” Monday is punishment day. Who am I kidding? Living with 2.0, every day is punishment day. Tonight there will be fireworks inside as well as out.

Sunday, we visited a “local” casino. The billboard advertising it said, “Left at the next traffic light.” That light was over 40 miles away! We knew that, of course. It makes us chuckle at the absurdity of the message. The 40 mile ride is a ride on a beautiful road that travels over a mountain pass and through a desert. The entire 40 miles has no sign of civilization beyond the road and some high-tension power towers.

The casino itself is very large. We were surprised. We expected a tiny building with a few slot machines in such an underpopulated area. We took the drive just as an excuse to go somewhere new. We like wandering around learning about where we have made camp. Once we find a place with enough cell service to upload our posts, we will go off again with no particular purpose. We will get back to the camper for dinner and a swim for the dog. We probably won’t go out to find some fireworks. The nearest display is over 50 miles away.

Sadly, we will be on our way home as you read this. Our week of vacation is over. Mrs. Lion goes back to work on Wednesday and I return to the job hunt. Time just flies by when we are together. By contrast, it drags when I am home alone. The best thing about vacations, or life for that matter, is that I get to spend it with my lioness. There are many things people might not understand about our relationship; enforced chastity and female led relationship being a couple. But we figure out what works for us and stick with it.