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I got an orgasm on Friday night, only one day past my “maybe” day. It was my first camper orgasm of the year. Historic. It’s great to be away from the home for a while.

Unfortunately, while we have cell service at the state park, the data rate is unbelievably slow. Oddly, this horrid service isn’t just here. It is far more widespread. Four bars and data at less than 100k. So, we write here in the camper, then drive 15 to 20 miles to get enough data speed to upload to the blog.

I’ve been writing about alternate views of orgasm spacing. One, talked about a situation where the keyholder wants penile penetration as her only form of sexual activity. Her problem is that if her male abstained more than two weeks, he would have an “accident” inside her whether or not she wanted him to come. They took this issue as a reason to stop enforced chastity. My suggestion was to masturbate him to ejaculate as often as necessary to assure performance during penetration. The idea is that enforced chastity is about transferring control of male sexual activity, not making him wait for long periods of time between orgasms.

The alternative to frequent ejaculation is extreme self control on the part of the male. Steeled Snake ( commented that he has learned to control ejaculation so that he can provide all the penetration his keyholder wants without the risk of orgasm. He said that he stops thrusting, or asks his keyholder to stop, when he is close to coming. He waits until the danger has passed and begins again. Over time, he said, he has learned to withhold orgasm for longer and longer amounts of time. He has been conditioned to avoid orgasms, even when inside his keyholder. She can make him wait as long as she wants before he gets to come.

This technique requires both partners to work together to prevent those messy accidents. It’s a tried-and-true technique to help a male control himself. We don’t attempt this sort of control. The only time we have penetrative sex is when Mrs. Lion wants me to come inside her.


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    I concur with Steeled Snake, one must train his mind not to cum. I have been able to do that resulting in my GF having several orgasms while I have none. One needs to not think too much about what he is doing while inside the woman, but if he thinks about not cuming too much, he will get soft. Finding that fine line between cuming and not cuming takes practice.
    I generally cum about once a month, having penetrative sex at least a dozen times.

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    Madam and I have been looking at cock sheaths, both as a means of helping me last longer and as a way to enable some positions that are difficult with my average length. Have you tried a sheath?

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