tenderizer spanking paddle
The Tenderizer
This paddle has raised pyramids. When applied strongly, this paddle doesn’t have much sting, but the pain it leaves behind lasts for hours. Lion says this is one of the best for punishment.(click image for purchase information)

I surprised Lion last night by remembering his punishment. Normally I give him any swats due before we play. He’d reminded me earlier in the day and I had forgotten. I unlocked him as usual and eventually I edged him orally. He might have thought he was going to get an orgasm but I held off. I’m thinking his fireworks will happen while we’re away on our trip.

After I left him hanging with no orgasm, we watched TV and got some dessert. When I picked up my trusty iPad, it alerted me “Lion P 9:00pm”. Aha! I must have dismissed the earlier 8:00 pm message without thinking about it. Here’s another reason Lion doesn’t want me to look at my iPad at night. It gets his butt in trouble.

I selected my tenderizer paddle. It’s fairly lightweight but it has diamond shaped bumps on it like a meat tenderizer. I think I did six or eight very hard swats and Lion says the paddle has long lasting effects. I know he felt them an hour or so later when we were settling in for bed. It has a nice wide surface and those bumps must really do the trick. I was looking for a paddle just like that for a long time and Lion finally found it for me. So he only has himself to blame for it. Of course, I probably would have found it on my own eventually.

As soon as I was done with his swats, Lion was sure to thank me. That’s what got him in trouble this time around. He needs to remember that I am punishing him for his own good and that I’m going out of my way to do it. A little gratitude is expected. Actually Lion is the one who remembered he forgot to thank me for his punishment on Sunday. It is his job to remember his punishments and also to self-report when he has a violation that I’ve missed. He’s been doing very well with that.

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