With A Wave Of Her Magic Wand

We spent most of yesterday provisioning our trailer for next week’s vacation trip. Next week is the first time this year we will be traveling with it. Even though it has the linens, dishes, pots, and other household stuff already in it, we still have to get food and other items as well as items we removed for the winter. Mrs. Lion assembled her traveling toy bag as well. I imagine that means she has some discomfort planned for me while we are away.

Oddly, I feel neutral about these sexual preparations. It could be that I am tired. The stress of unemployment is taking a toll. My libido is unreliable at best. Regardless of the state of my sexual arousal, I remain securely locked in the Jail Bird. Every night I am unlocked for a while. Mrs. Lion tests my sexual waters with some fondling. We snuggle and she plays with my penis. I like these moments even if I don’t get very aroused. If she wants to edge me, she can always use her reliable tools: her mouth and the Magic Wand vibrator.

Over the years I have been exposed to various vibrators including older Magic Wands. They never did a thing for me. I’ve been curious about why Mrs. Lion has so much success with a toy that never even got me hard in the past. I now understand her secret. It has less to do with the vibrator than it does her hand. She presses her palm against either the front or the back of my penis, just below the head. She then applies the vibrator against the other side. If she puts her hand against the back of my penis, the vibrator is against the frenum. It makes no difference if she switches and puts her hand on the frenum side and the vibrator on the back. The powerful vibes work both ways.

At times she will place the vibrator against my frenum without her hand pressing from the other side. In that case I feel very little stimulation and it feels the way vibes felt in the past. So it turns out that the magic isn’t so much the wand as it is her hand. She usually moves her hand and the vibe up and down together over the entire shaft. That feels amazing to me. After she edges me, she moves the vibe, without her hand behind it, to my balls for some gentle massage while I calm down. Then, her hand and the vibe move back up to my danger zone. I love it!

Even thinking about it now as I write, I get that nice tingle inside my cage. I’m not broken, just distracted. Fortunately, my lioness has both the motivation and the tools to get my attention when she wishes.

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    It’s the pressure factor. Many women (I am one of them) experience the same thing with vibes on heir clit. Rubbing a vibrator over a sensitive area creates a very different sensation than *pressing* the vibrations into said area. That’s what Mrs Lion is doing to you. Pressure as opposed to friction.

    Personally, I’d like to experiment with a vibrating cock sheath. That way I can stroke him with my hand, exerting 360° pressure around the vibrations.

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