Mrs. Lion is a very hands-on keyholder. She takes my cage off and, of course, puts it back on. My job is to take the base ring off and put it back on. I never use the tool that unlocks the cage. Many caged males manage the entire locking and unlocking activities, handing the key to their keyholders when the device is locked in place. Many guys who have to travel on business carry keys and the device so they can unlock and lock to get through airport security. I haven’t traveled on business since being in chastity. Based on my blog reading, the majority of keyholders leave all the caging and uncaging activities up to the male. I like that Mrs. Lion locks and unlocks me.

When it comes to edging and orgasm, Mrs. Lion is in total control. I am not permitted to touch my penis in a sexual way. She edges me and gives me release. I never do it myself. Other couples have a different approach. Some guys edge themselves under supervision or instruction of their keyholders. Others masturbate to orgasm when told they can come. Some keyholders have no contact at all with the caged male’s penis. I am talking about couples who live together. Obviously, Internet chastity requires the male to do everything.

If the keyholder wants penile penetration, some let the male handle the entire transaction. The male arouses his keyholder with his hand or mouth, and then on her instruction, inserts his penis. She lets him know if he can come or not. When she has had enough penetration, he removes it. Her hands never touched his penis. The penis is a sex toy for her amusement. The caged male it is attached to takes care of maintenance and cleaning. The ultimate hands-off keyholders never allow the cage to come off. It remains in place except for health issues. These couples never have any kind of penetrative sex.

Our very interactive chastity suits the way Mrs. Lion feels about my penis and it’s orgasms. She likes the way it feels and tastes and has a great fondness for my semen. One of the key rules in our relationship is that I may never sexually stimulate myself. She considers any self-pleasuring as a betrayal. Essentially, there is no difference between my hand and another woman’s vagina. I’m a little surprised I get to handle my base ring. Perhaps she should consider managing that too. Then I would have no contact at all with her penis. There is no right way to practice enforced chastity. Each couple works out what works best for them.



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    My wife leaves all caging and cage removal to me. She merely decides when I come out and for how long. She also decides when and how her penis is used. And whether there is a release… lol

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    Sounds like it’s becoming to every day and boring. Plus I think the same person writes for both of you. Where is the spice? I’m really bored. Yawn.

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      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Bill. First off, I must apologize that we don’t provide the daily jerk off material you want. Of course a lot of what we write is every-day stuff. In case you haven’t noticed, we publish every day. On the way to the bathroom to shave, I told Mrs. Lion what you wrote. Her answer was, “Fine. When you finish shaving, go write my post.” Fortunately, she was joking. Writing one post a day is tough enough.

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        My Girlfriend and I do not live together. I see her maybe 3 times a week. When I do see her, she unlocks me and washes my penis and balls.(I do enjoy the washing!) Then I lick her clit until, maybe, she cums. Perhaps a little vibrator time, then we cuddle.We engage in several positions for intercourse. The missionary position is our favorite with her cuming several times. Sometimes I cum, maybe once a month, but I really enjoy seeing her cum.
        Occasionally she will edge me or give me ruined orgasms. I do enjoy having her play with my genitals. I wish she would do it more.
        Sometimes she will just tease me without unlocking me. I don’t need to tell you what and uncaged erection is like!

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