Lion was very good at Zapardy last night. Well, he was very cautious. He only got three questions wrong so only three zaps. There were many questions he didn’t even attempt to answer for fear of being wrong. I may have to tweak the rules a bit to encourage/force him to answer more often.

I’ve been walking in the door to some very yummy smells the past few nights. It seems Lion has his cooking drive back. Last night he made some pan roasted chicken I mentioned over the weekend. It’s somewhat difficult to make and we haven’t had it in quite some time. He’s a very good cook. (I’ve made the dish too but his always tastes better. More attention to detail I think.) I’m glad to see him cooking again. Aside from the extra work, I think he enjoys himself when he’s immersed in a recipe.

Since he had his orgasm Wednesday night, I didn’t expect him to be horny last night, but I unlocked him anyway. He said he wasn’t sure if he was horny or not. While we snuggled I fondled him and I was surprised when he got very hard. He said he wasn’t ready to be edged. I guess he was just taking the equipment out for a test drive. It’s also nice to see him get hard so easily. I love a hard weenie.

We’re getting ready for a trip next week. Lion seems to think things will change while we’re gone. The only change I’m aware of is that he’ll probably be wild. It’s just easier for both of us. I’ll still have my camping bag of tricks with me, including paddles. He’ll be punished if he’s foolish enough to break a rule. We’ll have enough toys to play if he decides he’s up for it. The only difference is the scenery. If it makes him feel better, I can make a designated punishment paddle for the camper. I mentioned doing that a few months ago. I thought it might be fun to have a paddle hanging just inside the door with lettering something to the effect of “Camper Law” or “Camper Justice”. Not that we have many visitors, but it would be a good reminder for Lion too. Sometimes he needs to be reminded.