The Memorial Day weekend is over. I have two interviews today with a great company. Mrs. Lion was correct yesterday in her post. There is little chance I will actually get the job. [Mrs. Lion – I never said he won’t get the job.]  I know that all too well. But I need to enthusiastically embrace the possibility or the interviews are doomed before they begin. This situation isn’t unlike the way people approach anything new and unknown. If you don’t care if you succeed or not, then you won’t be crushed if you fail.

I’ve never subscribed to that way of thinking. I think that it would be very difficult to succeed when you are sure you will fail. I consider myself an informed risk taker. I try to get all the facts before plunging into something. But I do plunge; full speed. I’ve ignored safe choices in my life that I abandoned in favor of something more interesting or exciting. The way I see it is that no matter what I do, eventually I will die. I don’t get a second chance. So, in my head the best idea is to take that chance. I have gotten hurt. But I’ve had amazing adventures.

Speaking of adventures, our FLR and enforced chastity have taken a wrong turn, I think. I am not sure what we’ve done, but things don’t feel the same as they did before. It’s not that we want to give up. That hasn’t come up. I think it is more the one-way nature of our sex life. There’s nothing in it for my lioness. Her libido continues to sleep.

It also seems that if we do something around the house, then the we fail to play. I feel that if I ask if, for example, we can get the water going in our camper, then I know I have given up any chance for sexual activity. This has been our pattern for some time. It’s a matter of energy I suppose. We have to take care of our house and run errands. We don’t have to play. I’m not grumbling about it. The last thing I want is to force the issue. I’ve already written how I feel about being the driving force in our activities.

There’s more to it than that, though. As I pull back to give Mrs. Lion or 2.0 room to be in charge, I seem to be losing the excitement I felt before. I think my active imagination has been a big help in keeping me horny and wanting. It isn’t Mrs. Lion’s fault; I’m sure of that. I can’t just stop providing sexual energy and expect her to replace my contributions; at least not in the beginning. Maybe this sexual lull is part of a larger transition. At least, I hope it is.

My lioness and I are very different. She is cautious and unlikely to make changes. I get ideas and forge ahead. So, if she is to assume full leadership, then I have to become more like her and she, more like me. We would both benefit from that.

Frequently, I offer advice to others on how to establish and maintain enforced chastity. That doesn’t mean I have all the answers for my own relationship. Right now, we are trying to get our sexual GPS to help us get back on the right road. I hope it works.


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    Good luck, sounds like some challenging issues on your front burners. Hope you get on the same from partner makes a huge positive difference.

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    My two cents: First off, GOOD LUCK on the interviews. Job hunting is such a pain and an emotional roller coaster at best!
    I am more of the driving force in our sexual relationship. It is important to me. (Not to suggest it isn’t to him.) In my OCD mind, there is an order of things. Love, marriage and sex. Each one as important as the other. His libido is that of Mrs. Lion, while still a very creative mind. Mine is more so in comparison to yours. There are things in life that seem to make those 3 things not the forefront of our thoughts. Is it because you aren’t interested in play after taking care of things around the house, or the Mrs?
    It’s super challenging when one’s libido is raging and the other dormant. How do you fix that? Does the other WANT to fix it? It seems to me that when we really want something, we strive to get it. Would libido be different? Not as important in the grand scheme of things? -1.5 and I had this challenge, and if I relent in my needs, he will oblige. That’s not ok. That led to FLM and being caged. He has been reluctant to get back on track as well, but I am quite persistent. Perseverance.

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      Thanks for the comment. Mrs. Lion is the one who is less interested in sexual activity after doing other things. She is often physically uncomfortable and she gets tired and doesn’t want to do more things that require physical effort. We haven’t figured out how to manage the sexual unbalance. To her great credit, Mrs. Lion makes sure my sexual needs are met. Well, met when she decides I should get an orgasm. We still struggle with FLM. You already know that.

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