Two Strikes. You’re Out!

We’ve been having a rough time lately. Lion is feeling bad about being out of work. I’m feeling bad that he’s out of work. We just haven’t been meshing well. Yesterday he asked if I still felt the same way about him. What kind of question is that? I asked him why he said that. He said I haven’t been treating him the same lately. I guess that’s true.

When he says he’s broken I try to reassure him. I tell him he’s not. But I don’t ever let him talk about it because I think he’s feeling down because of the job situation. I should reassure him but also allow him to vent his frustrations. While I think I’m being supportive, he thinks I not listening.

Another matter is his new job prospect. He’s excited about it. He wants to tell me all about the company and the benefits and how much he wants to work there. I’ve seen this before. He gets really excited about a job opportunity and then he’s crushed if it doesn’t work out. He gets me all excited about it too. And then I’m crushed too. So I prefer to remain cautiously optimistic. I don’t want to jump on the celebration bandwagon just yet. But then it looks, to him, like I’m not being supportive. I need to find the right combination of “Yay!” and “that would be good.”

On the other hand, and perhaps it’s all in my mind, I see a less than enthusiastic Lion when it comes to play. Even if he’s horny and happy to be playing, I get a little sigh of disappointment when I bring out certain toys. I know he doesn’t like Velcro, but the other night I pulled out clothespins and he sighed. Not that I want him to jump up and down and shout, “hip, hip, hurray!” but a little less annoyance (for want of a better word) would be appreciated. It doesn’t make me look forward to playing with him if I think it’s not making him happy on any level.

That being said, yesterday he was happy to be in the sling. At least until I pulled out the menthol rub. In his defense, he didn’t sigh. I think he was happy I didn’t use the newer stuff. And things were going fine until I put too much on his balls. Way too much. I had to let him loose so he could wash it off. Strike one.

After he was safely secured in the sling again I began to stroke him and suck him. Then I decided to alternate that with some swats. I’d get him almost to the edge and then swat him. Finally I took him to the edge over and over. Until I got a little too close and gave him a ruined orgasm. I knew it was bound to happen. Stupid lioness. I just pressed my luck one too many times. Strike two.

I’m hoping Lion rebounds enough to play today. I really don’t want to waste the last day of our weekend because of a ruined orgasm.

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    We finally got in a position to get back in the swing of things. When I asked -1.5 to be naked, as I have ALWAYS had him, he got all pissy and argumentative. It made me want to just say ok, we’ve put all this off for a couple weeks so let’s just forget it all together. Ugh. Back to square one. Sometimes, it is difficult to keep all this up, but even more to start over. We are gradually getting back to our FLM and kinks. It was just starting to feel normal, and then BOOM – life took over. Glad to be heading back in the direction that makes us both happy. I locked him up yesterday for the first time in a while. He THOUGHT I was going to allow him to be unlocked when he went to work today. HeeHee. That’s what he gets for thinking!

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