Lion was incorrect about two things yesterday. I never said he won’t get the job he’s interviewing for. I said he’ll be crushed if he doesn’t get it. He is correct that he needs to stay positive about it. He does have a good shot at it and he would love this job. The other thing he was incorrect about was that we wouldn’t play. Just before he went to write his post, I said we didn’t play in the afternoon, but that didn’t mean we wouldn’t play later. Hint. Hint. We will play later. And we did.

We’ve had a weird dynamic going on lately. It’s almost like we can’t get out of each other’s way. No matter what one of us does, it annoys the other. I don’t know if it is wholly centered around his pending, and now de facto, loss of job. It seems to me it started around the time he found out his contract was ending. Certainly Lion is down. And then he’s up. And then he’s down. And then he’s up. I understand that. He’s hoping for the new job. But what if it doesn’t happen? But they want more interviews. But what if he’s too old? But it’s such a great company. And so forth. I’m trying to remain balanced. And maybe that’s part of the problem. We went through many months of ups and downs before he found his last job. The highs are great, but the lows suck. I need to allow myself a little more leeway in following his ups and downs. I can be excited for him and then bolster him when he’s down. That doesn’t mean I can’t try to limit my swing between the two.

And as far as annoying each other is concerned, I do have the ability to put my foot down. It shouldn’t matter what Lion’s going through right now. I’m right here going through it with him. And if he’s snarky to me, I should stop it. Perhaps what he needs is a firm hand to stabilize things. I tried that tactic last night when I came out of the bathroom with lube and a butt plug. I knew he didn’t want it, but I told him that didn’t matter to me. It was going in. Enough of this nonsense of sighing and looking displeased when I go to play with him. He’s lucky I’ve put up with it this long. I guess 1.0 was trying to be nice given the job situation. Once Lion said I wasn’t treating him nicely, 2.0 decided it’s time for some tough love. Tread lightly, my pet.

And Lion’s lament that we didn’t play? I tied up his balls and he requested I use the Magic Wand on him. Yes, I do still take requests. That doesn’t mean I will always honor them. But we both like the Magic Wand. And it’s a handy tool for getting Lion very excited. So, with the butt plug still firmly in his butt and his balls untied eventually, I Magic Wand-ed him right into an orgasm. A Monday orgasm was the plan all along and I saw no reason to alter it if he was ready again after his ruined orgasm on Sunday.

His next date is June 8. He says that’s not a very long wait. As he knows, that’s just the next date it’s possible for an orgasm. It will not necessarily happen on that date. It may happen sooner. 2.0 is back in town now. She does whatever the hell she wants.