The Cage On My Nightstand

Every so often I wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. The other night I was up a couple of times. While trying to get back to sleep, I began a mental inventory of changes in my life. The first one that I thought of was that every single sexual experience I have had in over two years has been published on the Internet. A lot of people read about each and every one. It’s a very odd way to be a public figure. By my middle-of-the-night reckoning, over three-quarters-of-a-million words on this blog discuss every sexual detail. That’s a lot of words about something so small as my penis.

Of course it’s not that simple. Most of the conversation has been around the power exchanges Mrs. Lion and I have made. The real subject matter is how sexual surrender has affected our lives. That’s the interesting part, I think. Stories are interesting because they describe change. Certainly, in our case, the changes have been sporadic and not without stress and worry. For us, at least, enforced male chastity is about bringing sex into the foreground in our marriage. This hasn’t been easy. A lot of serious issues conspire to distract us.

These issues range from loss of income to illness. Each one is a valid reason to move anything sexual to the back burner. We work hard to avoid that because once it gets moved into the background, it is very difficult to get it back in our lives where it belongs. I always thought that by wearing the chastity device I was making it more difficult for Mrs. Lion to let sexual inertia set in. I never considered that I too needed the device to keep me focused on sex too.

I’ve been “wild” the last few days. During my early morning musings I realized that my interest in sex has been lower than usual. I couldn’t blame it on economic uncertainty. It’s true that today is my last day working under my present contract. I will be out of work at 5PM today. But I am in the advance stage of being hired full time by a wonderful company. I have every reason to be optimistic. But still, I am happy to put sex on the back burner and leave the cage on my nightstand.

This is a new situation. In the past, even if Mrs. Lion was indifferent whether or not I am wearing a chastity device, I always made sure to remind her that I was unlocked and in danger of being naughty. Not this time. I suppose you could say that this post is a reminder to her. Well, it is in a way. I think it is more an admission that at this point in our power exchange I am more than happy to let things slide.

I don’t think either of us wants to let enforced chastity slip out of our lives. But what happens when neither of us is particularly motivated. If I’m not horny, even 2.0 is apparently willing to let me take a pass on edging and other play. She’s very understanding for a bitch. As she has said, if I am not interested in sex, there is nothing she can do to change that. I don’t know if that is correct or not. Certainly, if one of us is sick or very tired, there is a good reason to postpone stimulation. But what if we are both not interested?

I think the answer to this question is the most important. Based on our experience to date, I think that our commitment to continue enforced chastity is not something that we can end, even if we both want that to happen. Enforced chastity is not just a commitment to keep my penis locked up. It’s much more than that. It’s a commitment to keep sex alive between us and, even more importantly, assure we are physically intimate with one another. The cage doesn’t belong on my nightstand. We know where it should be.



  1. Author

    This sounds like you are going to be less active with your journal.

    1. Author

      We have no plans to change our schedule. You can expect two posts a day: one from me and one from Mrs. Lion.

  2. Author

    Life certainly does get in the way. We’ve had a lull as well. We had some major life changes take place and its been rather difficult to get back in the swing of things. It’s sort of the same for us in respect to making sure our intimacy stays alive. Well, for me it is. -1.5 has disgressed to zero quick. Maybe that means I need to step up the assertivness within myself. Eagerly awaiting some sense of normalcy.

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