What Does the Future Hold?

I’ve been looking forward to this Friday for a very long time. It’s a long weekend. Memorial Day weekend. We aren’t scheduled to go anywhere and I think it’s supposed to rain (no surprise there), so I’m hoping I get some time to vegetate. There should be time for chores, errands, vegetation, and play.

Last night Lion announced he thought he was frisky. He hasn’t been for a few days. He’s been saying he’s broken again. He asked what we’d do if he is broken. I told him he isn’t and proceeded to edge him a few times to prove it. He didn’t last as long as he might have wanted, but at least he still works. He does bring up an interesting point though. What would we do if he is broken?

First, let me say I think we’re a long way off from Lion not wanting sex. For a few days, sure, but forever? Not going to happen anytime soon. Maybe when he’s 90 or 100. We’ve got time. He’ll be a dirty, old man for a long time to come. So when he does finally reach that point, we will be happy snuggling with each other. Will he still be caged? Lion says he’ll be caged until he dies, but if he reaches a point when he doesn’t want sex anymore, it makes little sense to keep him caged. Again, I’m not talking about lulls like he’s had lately. I mean if he doesn’t want sex for months on end.

That doesn’t mean I’ll abandon him sexually. We may go back to a more sex-on-demand arrangement. Lion may be upset hearing that, knowing that the arrangement we had prior to enforced chastity was more of a no-sex-at-all deal. But there must be something in the middle. If his libido is hit and miss, we’ll figure out some way to work with it. I refuse to go back to the way things were before I locked him up. If Lion wants sexual attention he will get it.