charming lion
Lion’s behavior has improved a lot since being caged.

Last night we went to the movies. My boss walked in and sat in the row in front of us. I like my boss. We started joking back and forth and the husbands got involved too. Afterwards, Lion said, “See? I can be charming.” This is in reference to my contention that he’s rude to waiters, customer service people, and sometimes people in general. I told him I’d like a kinder, gentler Lion. Besides, waiters can do all sorts of nasty things to your food if you’re rude to them. Why tempt fate? So Lion has embarked on a charming journey.

With very few exceptions, he’s been much more well-behaved. I think he’s noticed that he’s gotten much better service in some areas. When his food isn’t correct, he very politely informs the waiter and doesn’t fling rude remarks. He’s still the squeaky wheel that needs oiling, but the entire transaction is a more pleasant experience for everyone. This is not to say he won’t get loud at times. A few weeks ago, he was very verbal when we received horrible service at his favorite deli. In his defense, he started off kinder and only escalated when things did not improve.

I’m very proud of him when he’s charming. And I never said he wasn’t charming with my friends. I only pointed out that calling the order-taker at Burger King a moron was one way to ensure your food would be screwed up. And yelling at a waiter would have a similar, if not worse, effect. The Burger King person probably makes a little over minimum wage. It’s a crummy enough job without having Lion making rude comments. He’s made great strides. I appreciate his doing that for me.

My charming Lion is also a horny Lion. He gave me sideways glances last night after we got home from the movies. We snuggled for a bit, but I’ve been very uncomfortable since a medication change and being in one position for too long is difficult. I moved away but we still held hands. Just before bed, Lion announced he was very horny. I wondered if he had expected to play since we were home fairly early, but we had decided earlier in the day that we probably wouldn’t. I guess we could have. From Lion’s perspective I know we should have. And I know he’s looking for some love today. What luck! It’s raining and outdoor activities are on hold. No weed whacking today. Awwwww… I know. I’m disappointed too. But that means more time for Lion fun. I just hope he’s still horny. Of course he is.