A New Old Rule

Yesterday I was trying to come up with new rules for Lion. I couldn’t think of anything. Then last night I realized I don’t need new rules. I can reinstate a rule from a long time ago.
Lion has a habit of being impatient with people in the foodservice industry. He can be rude when they don’t get his order the first time. We’ve both read books about what waiters do to the food of nasty people. I’m not sure why he would put his dinner in jeopardy of being spit in. I certainly don’t want anything to happen to my food because I’m with him.

The rule seemed effective while it was in effect. He was well-behaved when ordering food. I guess I must have decided he’d changed and no longer needed the rule enforced. I was wrong. He still needs it. I’m confident the threat of a punishment spanking will make him treat foodservice workers with respect. If it doesn’t, it won’t be a threat anymore.

I know Lion doesn’t intend to be rude. I mean, yes, the words do come out of his mouth. I think he’s really just impatient when he needs to repeat himself. What he doesn’t understand is that sometimes the poor Burger King worker is looking for the button that says no lettuce and that repeating the order as he hits the buttons helps confirm what Lion wants. Other times, there’s a language barrier. Of course, it always helps when you get upset at a person who didn’t necessarily understand you the first time. Not.

So this rule is back in effect, not only for waiters and order takers but for any customer service person. I know there are times that require some escalation. If you can’t get your point across after a few tries, raising your voice is natural. But having to repeat things once because a server just wants to make sure they have it right, is no reason to raise your voice.

Lion forgets that I’ve worked in Burger King. I know things. He forgets I’ve worked for a certain discount store and have dealt with rude people for many years. Every time he’s rude I cringe. I was on the receiving end of it more times than I care to remember. Now he’ll be on the receiving end of a spanking. It seems fair to me.


  1. Growing Ma’am so good to see great post 🙂

  2. During our FLR, we set up a list of 13 rules. I can probably name 4 right now. The whole list is probably in the docs file on the computer.

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